The One Skill Required to Build Your Audience

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Once you’ve laid the foundations and set your plan into action, then comes the hardest part: waiting for people to respond to what you’ve put out there. The biggest skill you’ll need to build your audience is patience. Here’s how we recommend staying strong early on in your content marketing game. Be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait some more. The hard truth is, creating an audience for your content takes time. John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co, estimates it takes at least six months for even the most energized content marketing plans to see results. At this [...]

Why Most Unique Selling Points Aren’t Actually Unique

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For your vacation rental to stand out, it must have a standout feature. But many times when owners and property managers identify a unique selling point for a rental, it isn’t really so unique after all. Many homeowners in the Disney area, for example, market their swimming pool, their proximity to Disney World, and their free WiFi. This is totally relevant information for guests to have, of course. They want the pool; they want to be close to the parks; they want WiFi so kids can crash on the sofa with their iPads and their favorite Disney shows. Don’t [...]

What is Your Vacation Rental Brand?

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Over Memorial Day weekend, we threw a bachelorette party for my friend Lisa in Sonoma, California. (Sorry, it won’t be that kind of story. What happens in Sonoma...) Before the trip, a group of us – nine women from various eras of Lisa’s life - were tasked with finding the perfect wine country vacation rental. We needed a place that could sleep at least 10 people. On Memorial Day weekend. (Would you believe that’s not an easy thing to do? Who would have thought!) Otherwise, we based our decision on what Lisa would love. Many of us in the group [...]

Why Copywriting Matters in the Vacation Rental Industry

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As a vacation rental owner or manager, you’re destined to write many words about your rental (and your rental’s town or city) in the coming months or – depending on your goals – years.   Even if you keep your marketing efforts light, you will at the very least exchange emails with guests, respond to guest reviews, and write a property description for your rental’s online listing. At least. More advanced folks will blog, send newsletters, writer insider guides, craft social media posts, and more. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) All of those words – even if you [...]