Enhance Your Vacation Rental Kitchen: Top Appliances for Happy Guests

There’s nothing more important than making our guests feel welcomed and at home. One of the best ways to do that is to provide them with all the gadgets and small appliances they have in their own homes. Whether someone loves to bake, enjoys a fruit smoothie every morning, or is following a special diet, make sure you supply everything they need to both keep up with a normal routine and  enjoy a well-deserved treat. Believe us that the difference between a so-so kitchen and a well-equipped kitchen will show up immediately in your guest ratings. Read on to learn about the most important small appliances to stock your vacation rental kitchens with. 

Coffee Maker

The undisputed key to a good morning is the perfect cup of coffee. So what’s the best coffee maker to put in your vacation rental kitchen? Without a doubt, it’s a programmable drip coffee maker with a large carafe that brews up fresh coffee just in time for your guests to wake up. For the coffee connoisseurs in the group, consider a single-serve coffee maker, so they can choose their perfect pods. An easy-to-clean design ensures a hassle-free experience for both guests and housekeepers. Ultimately, a coffee maker that offers versatility, ease of use, and consistent results is sure to enhance the overall guest experience in your vacation rental. So go ahead, brew up some magic and start the day right! 

Toaster Oven

And now for the humble, yet versatile toaster oven. It is truly an essential for a well-equipped kitchen. Your guests want to enjoy their favorite bagels, artisanal bread slices, and mini pizzas and expect a handy toaster oven to do it. Be sure to choose one with adjustable temperature settings and easy-to-use controls, so your guests can achieve crispy perfection every time. To up your game a little, look for models with convection technology for even cooking and reheating. 


Next on our list of kitchen essentials might be a surprise. It’s none other than the trusty toaster. Opt for a four-slice toaster with wide slots, catering to different choices like artisan bread, bagels or good old sliced bread. Make sure your model has adjustable browning settings to make sure everyone gets their toast just right. Sleek design, sturdy construction, and consistent results—your guests will be toasting to your vacation home in no time!


Now, if you’re talking about convenience in the kitchen, what could be more convenient than the microwave? Perfect for heating up leftovers, popping popcorn for movie nights, or cooking frozen meals, a mid-sized cubic foot countertop microwave is a must-have in any vacation rental kitchen. Make sure you choose a model that has preset cooking functions and easy-to-clean interiors. Both your guests and your housekeepers will thank you! 


Moving on to another kitchen hero: the blender! Whether it’s whipping up morning smoothies, crafting refreshing cocktails, or pureeing soups and sauces, a high-powered blender is a must-have in any vacation rental kitchen. Look for models with multiple speed settings and durable construction, capable of handling a variety of ingredients.

Food Processor

Let’s talk about the ultimate kitchen multitasker: the food processor. Allow your guests to effortlessly chop veggies, shredding cheese, or whipping up homemade sauces with the push of a button. They’ll thank you with a raving review! Perfect for meal prep, baking projects, or creating culinary masterpieces, a food processor is a worthy addition in any vacation rental kitchen. Look for models with powerful motors, multiple speed settings, and a variety of attachments for maximum versatility. 

Rice Cooker

Here’s an item that has seen a surge in popularity in the last few years: the rice cooker. Perfect for cooking up fluffy rice, steaming vegetables, or even making one-pot meals, a rice cooker is a great addition to your vacation rental kitchen. Choose a model with a large capacity, easy-to-use controls, and keep-warm functions to accommodate busy vacation schedules. With easy cleanup and versatile cooking options, your guests will be thanking you for making their vacation meals a breeze.

Slow Cooker

Another idea for a well-equipped vacation rental kitchen and happy guests is a slow cooker. Your guests will love returning from a day of exploring, greeted by the aroma of a delicious, home-cooked meal that they were able to throw together in minutes in the morning. Look for models with easy controls, ample capacity, and keep-warm features to accommodate vacation schedules. With easy cleanup and set-it-and-forget-it convenience, your guests will definitely appreciate the warm welcome awaiting them after their adventures. 

Electric Griddle

While not a must-have, the electric griddle is a great idea for your vacation rental kitchen. It can do triple duty, cooking up breakfast pancakes and eggs, then grilled sandwiches and veggies for lunch or a simple dinner. It will definitely earn you some extra goodwill points, which may well translate into a better review. 

Electric Can Opener

The electric can opener, while not an absolute necessity, sure makes your guests’ lives a little easier. Instead of searching through the utensil draw for the handheld can opener, and then hoping it’s not too tight to turn, it’s so much nicer and easier to simply line up the can in the electric can opener and press the lever. Look for models with powerful motors, easy-touch operation, and safety features like magnetic lid holders. 


With more and more focus on healthy eating (and drinking!), a juicer is a fantastic addition to your vacation rental kitchen. This is particularly true if your home is in a tropical climate with fruit trees on the property. What a great selling point to advertise fresh-squeezed juice directly from the fruit trees in the yard! Make sure the juicer you choose comes equipped with a powerful motor and wide feed chute. Look for well-made models with easy-to-clean components, adjustable speed settings, and durable construction. 

Waffle Maker

For some additional vacation fun, consider adding a waffle maker. What’s a better breakfast treat than freshly baked waffles, golden and crisp on the outside, fluffy and delicious on the inside. With a non-stick surface and adjustable temperature control, a waffle maker is perfect for creating mouthwatering waffles just the way your guests like them. Look for models with easy-to-clean designs and compact storage options for hassle-free cleanup and storage. With its versatility and ease of use, a waffle maker is sure to become a favorite in any vacation rental kitchen. 

The impact of having a variety of quality small appliances in your vacation rental kitchen cannot be overstated. It can literally make the difference between a mediocre stay and an exceptional one. And remember, mediocre stays don’t typically result in rebookings or word-of-mouth advertising, while exceptional stays absolutely do. With the fierce competition in the vacation rental market, hosts must create a welcoming and memorable environment for their guests. Whether it’s starting the day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, enjoying a homemade meal prepared with ease, or savoring a sweet treat made with love, the right small appliances can truly enhance the vacation rental experience. So here’s to happy guests, glowing reviews, and successful hosting.

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