Property Descriptions

Our snappy, sparkling prose is a welcome departure from the typical yawn-fest of most property descriptions. With 5 writing styles to choose from, pick the one the best suits the vibe of your property and we’ll do the rest.

What's Different About Our Property Descriptions?

We’re glad you asked and we’re happy to explain!


Our professional copywriters are veterans of the VR industry and know how to identify and highlight the special amenities vacationers are looking for.


While we believe that AI has its place in marketing, we don’t believe that place is in a property description. Only the human touch can fully communicate the value of a vacation property.


A Guest Hook Airbnb Property Description Includes All 9 Core Sections



We deliver 50 power-packed characters in this section. While mobile devices will truncate after 32 characters, we want to give our clients every opportunity to shine in this section.

Short Description

In this 500-character section, we'll hit the highlights of your top 2-4 amenities, and offer your prospective guests an irresistable bite-size piece of the experience of your rental.

Accommodation Details: The Space

This section details the nitty-gritty in a succinct 400-600 words, with all the details you need and none you don't. It's broken down into Living Spaces, Kitchen and Dining, Bedrooms and Baths, and Outdoor Amenities.

Other Things to Note

This section details any restrictions on your property, such as smoking, pets, parties or events, minimum age to rent, maximum occupancy, etc.

The Neighborhood

Do you have the super coolest video arcade in 5 counties? A newly-minted Michelin-star restaurant or the best burger joint in town? A hiking trail with Instagram-worthy views? An upscale boutique or a funky thrift store? We'll dig around and find the best places and things to highlight.

Getting There/Transit

Whether you can drive there in 5 minutes off the Interstate, or you have to take a train, a boat, and a camel to reach your property, we'll provide the best routes and modes of transportation to get the vacation party started.

Interaction with Guests

It's been our experience that many hosts provide personal cell phone number and/or email addresses to their guests. Others choose to have guests contact them via the booking app. Whichever way you'd like to do it, we'll make sure you and your guests understand each other.

About the Host

It's been our experience that guests are more likely to book a property is they feel that they know, like, and trust their host. With this optional section, we provide you with that peace of mind for your guests. Building upon information you provide, we'll craft a host bio that tells the world what a rock star host you are!

Guest Access

Whether you allow your guests to go straight to the property and enter through a keyless entry code or they have to check-in at your rental office and pick up their keys, it's important for guests to know what to expect on check-in and check-out days.

Pricing by Bedroom

In determining this new pricing model, we considered a number of factors, not the least of which was the word count needed to accurately and thoroughly describe your vacation rental. In the end, we decided this per-bedroom model was the fairest and most equitable for all of our clients.

1-3 Bedroom


4-6 Bedroom


7+ Bedroom


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