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Our professional copywriters will craft the unique story of your vacation rental according to the information provided in your client intake form. Using creative storytelling skills, they will deftly weave an irresistible tale of vacation bliss that will have clients lining up to rent your property!

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$199 - $399


Is it better to mention the pool or the proximity to the beach? The hiking trails or the microbrew scene? With our headline testing service, we highlight different aspects of your vacation rental home and area, you deploy the headlines, and then see which gains you the best traction in terms of view and bookings.

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$39/3 Airbnb Headlines

About the
Host Bios

Many hosts don’t realize how important this section on Airbnb & Vrbo truly is. Guests want to know, like, and trust you before they feel comfortable booking your property and giving you their hard-earned vacation dollars. Our professional copywriters tell your story, making you a relatable and likable friend.

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In 80 characters or less, we turn each of your photos into a mini-description, allowing our words to “illustrate” your photos and helping your guests to imagine themselves in the space.

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$49/40 captions


Keeping content fresh, engaging, helpful, and SEO-friendly is crucial to building the all-important know, like, and trust factors among a loyal client base. And nothing will move your business forward more quickly and effectively than satisfied customers who provide a first-hand positive review.

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$99 and up


Landing Pages

It’s not just about getting people to your website, it’s about engaging them once they’re there. You’re only going to get one shot at converting your website guests. Don’t waste it on subpar copy that doesn’t speak to your ideal client.

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$99 and up

Social Media

Facebook & Instagram make it so easy to keep in touch with your past, present, and future guests that there’s no reason not to! Just a little snippet a few times a week (or more) lets your guests know that they’re always important to you.

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$799/mo. +


A guidebook is a professional and courteous introduction to the area for your guests. When people visit an unknown area, the first thing they want to do is familiarize themselves with what’s available. A guidebook is the perfect way to introduce your guests to both your little corner of the world and your home.

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$349/up to 15 pages


All your clients matter no matter where they currently stand in the marketing continuum. Be sure they know that by staying in touch at all stages of the lifecycle. Even a quick, “Hi, hope all is well. Here’s X bonus for being a loyal client” is powerful. Most people don’t go the extra mile. Be the one who does.

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Another great way to keep in touch and stay top of mind. Let your clients know what’s new in your business and your industry, and how it affects them. This is also a great method to segment your marketing into owners and clients or any other combination you’d like.

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$299/setup $249 per send

Ideal Guest

If you don’t know who your ideal guest is, marketing is just a crapshoot. Many hosts think that casting a wide net is the best way to go, but in reality, it’s better to know exactly who you want to invite into your home and tailor your marketing to that guest. Our professional marketers can help you nail that down by creating detailed guest personas.

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$199/2 guest personas


Looking for that extra “oomph” to get eyes on your content? A Facebook or Instagram ad may be the best thing you can do for your business. Let us help you with not only the “business-y” stuff like setting up your Meta Business Account, but we’ll also design and then deploy your ads. Then you can watch the “likes” and comments start rolling in.

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$299/setup $199/ad


As exciting as vacation is, it’s also a little intimidating to arrive at an unknown home in an unknown location, with little idea of how things work or what’s expected. Our messaging templates help your guests get that first crucial “lay of the land”, sets the right expectations, and help get their vacation off to a sure-footed start.

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$199/2-page template

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