Newsletter and Email Management

Get the word out! Be sure to stay in touch so your past guests don’t forget about you. And maybe tempt them into returning by offering a sweet deal – a discount, a gift card, or the chance to enter a contest for a free stay. Your options for communicating with past (and prospective) guests are nearly endless. Let us help you dial in the right messaging for your ideal guest.

Our newsletter and email management service includes a comprehensive strategy development process, where we define, with the client’s input, the ideal guests, perform a competitive analysis, and set clear goals for each campaign.

Guest Hook’s team of experts then gets to it, creating custom-tailored templates that very clearly communicate the benefits of your property(ies), while paying careful attention to SEO and conversion optimization.

That’s just the beginning! With ongoing email and newsletter campaigns, you’ll soon be seeing a stready stream of new and repeat ideal guests booking your property(ies) and becoming your greatest source of word-of-mouth advertising!


Did you just add an awesome new property? Is there a really cool festival or fair going on in your area? Is there a message the owner/Pres/CEO of the company wants to get out to past, present, and future guests? Here's a great forum to do that. Learn More

Messaging Templates

Your Newsletter and Email templates will be custom-designed for your marketing goals and demographic in mind. While each of our templates is different, the two things they each have in common is search engine and conversion optimization. We're here to help you reach your ideal guests and generate more confirmed reservations. Learn More

Email Marketing

Each email campaign is specific to your company, your property(ies) and your goals. Our clients have found them to be an uber-effective tool to drive more bookings and revenue, by engaging your ideal clients in a series of emails designed to boost the know, like, and trust factor, with the ultimate goal being a confirmed reservation. Learn More

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