Yes, You Need to Write Airbnb Guest Reviews. Here’s How.

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Writing Airbnb guest reviews is your duty to the hosting community. Where would you be today if hosts before you hadn’t given your guests rave reviews—or warned you of guests that gave them problems?

Beyond that, writing Airbnb guest reviews is simply good business. For good guests, it shows you care. For problem guests, it offers a chance to tell your side of the story. And for those in between, it’s a matter of being thorough.

But gosh, can they get exhausting. So whether you’re writing your very first review or looking for a way to make your thousandth one a little different from those before it, here are our tips for Airbnb guest reviews that are professional and impactful.

good airbnb guest reviews

The Good

Had a guest that you hit it off with immediately? Or fuss-free guests who left your space in tip-top shape? That’s the kind of vacation rental kismet that we all hope for!

But even so, reviewing good guests can feel a bit…weird. Especially if you forged a personal connection with them while they were staying in your rental. Just how do you put a guest’s greatness into words?

Here’s what we suggest for good Airbnb guest reviews:

  1. Praise them! No need to re-invent the wheel. Keep it simple with something like “X was a pleasure to host.”
  2. Point to a specific moment. After you’ve made it clear that this is a good review, make it personal. Mention something specific that the guest did that you appreciated. Maybe they smiled and waved whenever you crossed paths. Maybe they were super responsive during the booking process. Or maybe they followed your house rules with star student gusto.
  3. Make a nod towards future bookings. Ending your review with something like “X is welcome back any time” concludes your review on a welcoming note. It also reminds your A+ guest that they have a solid option whenever they’re back in the area, planting the seed for repeat bookings.

bad airbnb guest reviews

The Bad

You set the proper expectations—but your guests demanded the sun and the moon. Or they never read your house rules and left chaos in their wake. Or they were simply oblivious to their bad behavior (often the hardest review of all!).

We hope we never have to write bad reviews, but it’s bound to happen to every host at some point. When it does, remember to be professional. That might be hard—especially if a guest blatantly disrespected your rental—but losing your cool only hurts your credibility.

Here’s what we suggest for problem Airbnb guest reviews:

  1. Be diplomatic. Be straightforward but keep your emotions in check. Something along the lines of “a hotel would have been better suited for X” makes your point while remaining even-keeled.
  2. Be clear, but avoid laundry listing. If guests did damage or caused big issues, you should absolutely mention it in your guest reviews. But avoid creating a dramatic roll call of every slight they made against you. Something along the lines of “our housekeeper had to spend far more time at this rental than usual after checkout” is more effective than “X left dishes in the sink, candy wrappers on the floor, and dirty towels in every room of the house.”
  3. Take the proper steps beyond reviewing. If you suspect your guest will also leave you a negative review, be prepared to respond professionally. And if their behavior was cause for compensation, that’s something to take up with Airbnb or your insurance. Not something to hash out in your guest reviews.

average airbnb guest reviews

The In-Between

For most hosts, a vast many of guests will be right in the middle. They’ll follow your rules for the most part, maintain respectful communication, and be in and out of your rental without much incident.

And that makes your job a little easier. But how do you write unique reviews for each guest when you’re hosting dozens and dozens of guests a year?

Here’s what we suggest for average Airbnb guest reviews:

  1. Don’t call on the muses. While these reviews should be professional, don’t give in to the pressure to make them perfect. A decent review that’s done is better than one that you’ll never get around to perfecting and posting.
  2. Focus on something tangible. Every guest will have at least one quality worth mentioning—even if it’s that they breezed in and breezed out with no issue. Call it out in your review.
  3. Skew it accordingly. Maybe a guest is in-between, but tipping a little more towards one side of the scale. Take a cue from the good and bad guest advice accordingly. For good-leaning guests, extend a welcome for future stays. For borderline problem guests, briefly and diplomatically mention the biggest issue.

Need help with your Airbnb guest reviews?

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