Sharing Access To Facebook Pages & Instagram Profiles

Due to platform changes by Facebook and Instagram, we’ve had to adjust our process here upon further review from Facebook Support. We can no longer create social pages on your behalf. Instead, we’re asking our clients to create their own social pages/profiles, then share access with us securely via Facebook Business Manager ( 

Facebook Business Manager (now: Meta Business Suite) is the safest way to share access while you remain in full control of your pages. We realize this is an extra step in the process, but platform changes have made this needed. 

To help, we’re happy to hop on a short 20 minute call to walk you through this process at no extra cost or billable hours to create your page AND link it properly to Meta Business Suite before sharing it with ˝Guest Hook. 

If you need help, please submit a ticket at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help you.

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