Sending Invoices To Guest Hook For Payment Processing

Here’s the format that we’ll need to process your payment quickly for your copywriting projects you worked on during the month.

Send The Invoice At The End Of The Calendar Month #

First, please send the invoice promptly at the end of the month or when you are done with all listings for that month. It is is also OK to send in the first few days of the following month (example: sending on August 1st for all of July’s projects).

Include All Project Details & Order Info #

Refer to the contractor agreement for your payment schedule for each property description. Examples below assume $100 per property description.

ProjectDate CompletedFeeNotes
Order – 0E1490E6Single property description7/25/2022$100
Order – 7B13940A6Single property description7/30/2022$100
Example formatting of the invoice needed

Where To Find The Order Info #

On each order detail page, check the order number in the URL to find the exact number/reference to include on your invoice.

Payment Notes & Timing #

We aim to pay invoices as quickly as possible! Once confirmed by Conrad & double-checked by Alissa, we’ll process within 2 business days. Our goal is to get you paid quickly. Payments are made via Gusto with no fees taken out from our system.

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