Our Best Advice for Listing Descriptions? Keep it Simple.

You scouted out a great location. Bought the rental—or onboarded it to your management business—and maybe even renovated it. Furnished it with loving care. Equipped it with amenities you know travelers will enjoy. And now you want to feature all the highlights of your home in your listing description. We’re here to stop you. At […]

How to Avoid Becoming a Vacation Rental Horror Story

abandoned home

Some vacation rentals can be downright scary—and we’re not talking about haunted houses. (Though an Airbnb contest last Halloween sent a couple “lucky” winners to spend a night at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. In 2015, Airbnb winners spent the night in the Parisian Catacombs.) Whether it’s creaky floorboards, nightmare neighbors, or—horror of horrors!—ultra-slow WiFi, flaws happen. It’s […]

Five Strategies for Naming Your Vacation Rental

stone wall

What can help your word-of-mouth reputation, convey your key selling points in split seconds, and make your property more memorable when it comes time for guests to book? A name—or, more specifically—a great name. Here are five strategies we recommend for creating one that does your property justice and convinces guests to commit. Highlight a unique feature. Does […]

Don’t Say Cheap: How to Appeal to Budget-Conscious Guests

travel savings

One of the things we love most about the vacation rental industry is just how diverse it is. It’s not a market full of just high-end ski chalets and $1,000/night mansions. There are also sweet beach cottages. Old school cabins with character. Even studio apartments that pack a punch. Some guests are looking for high-end […]

Lessons To Learn From a $29/Night Airbnb in a Rough Neighborhood

How a $29/Night Airbnb in a Rough Neighborhood Became a Five-Star Sensation—And What You Can Learn From It Natalie Vowell’s vacation rental in a rough St. Louis neighborhood has a grease-stained kitchen with a busted freezer and a buggy, overgrown yard. It also has a five-star rating on Airbnb. Home is Where the Hood Is, Natalie […]

What Airbnb’s New Look Means for Your Vacation Rental Copy

Adirondack Chairs in Snow

From announcing new policies to launching Trips, a new product that will let travelers book experiences with locals, there have been a lot of changes happening at Airbnb. Amidst these developments, the vacation rental giant is testing and unveiling website design updates. With a new minimalistic look, the Airbnb website is shifting the focus from some elements and magnifying […]

Words to Avoid in Your Vacation Rental Listing Description

Andy and I faced a challenge this past week at the Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona (our lives are so tough, aren’t they?): Speak about copy and content before a crowd of 100 vacation rental owners, managers and vendors. At 3PM. Immediately following a two-hour lunch. That included paella, wine, and cheesecake. I joked […]

5 Tips to Avoid Sounding Salesy in Your Rental Description

Salesy language is a quick way to stop potential inquiries in their tracks. If you try too hard in your rental description copy, you might seem aggressive or dishonest – neither of which appeal to guests. In order to convert leads, your description should build your credibility and pay special attention to the things that truly […]

Covering Your Achilles’ Heel: How to Write About Your Rental’s Flaws

Every vacation rental has an Achilles’ heel. Whether you’re working with a drab exterior, over-the-top décor or lack of legroom, the most important thing to remember is to be honest about your rental’s imperfections. Travelers are willing to make concessions for value or location, but one dissatisfied review that calls out a shortcoming you failed to […]

Negative Review Response: The Most Important Copy You’ll Write

The Negative Review Response: The Most Important Piece of Copy You’ll Write for Your Vacation Rental It’s not [always] you. Is anything more ego-bruising than a negative review? Those one or two stars on Vrbo or Airbnb might as well be sharp, pointy daggers—right into the heart. It happens to most owners and managers at some point. […]

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