5 Tips to Avoid Sounding Salesy in Your Rental Description

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023

Salesy language is a quick way to stop potential inquiries in their tracks. If you try too hard in your rental description copy, you might seem aggressive or dishonest – neither of which appeal to guests.

In order to convert leads, your description should build your credibility and pay special attention to the things that truly matter. Follow our tips below to avoid sounding salesy, start sounding genuine, and begin booking discerning guests.

Avoid exclamations!

While the occasional well-placed exclamation point can add playfulness and excitement to your rental description, nobody likes being yelled at. Before you exclaim, make sure there’s a valid reason for it.

You shouldn’t shout about your dining area (“The table seats twelve!”), however a jaw-dropping view may be an excuse to give your copy a little extra spunk (i.e. “Step out onto the private balcony for a view of the mountains as far as the eye can see!”).

If you do decide to pep up your rental description with justified exclamation points, do so very sparingly.

Same goes with ALL CAPS. We like capital letters when used as sub-headers to break up description text, or in rare instances when you really want a potential guest to notice something. But again – use them judiciously. The more caps you use, the more your rental description reads like yelling.

And no one wants that.

Tone down the adjectives.

Writing Rule #1: Show, don’t tell. You might believe that your rental is amazing, stunning, fantastic or beautiful – and you may be right. But these fluff words don’t prove your point as much as solid description.

Instead of telling us your rental is wonderful, show us what makes it so. Does your master suite have a Cali king bed and an en-suite soaking tub? Does your deck offer panoramic views of the ocean? Find that something special and latch onto it in your copy, which leads us to our next point…

Be honest.

Most travelers can spot phoniness from a mile away, so don’t try to make every last inch of your vacation rental sound mind-blowing. Cramped bathrooms, lack of A/C or older furnishings are concessions many renters are willing to make for homes that shine in other areas.

You don’t need to put your home’s less-than-stellar attributes front and center in your rental description – but don’t omit them if you think they’re something your guests should know, and certainly don’t lie about them. That’s a quick way to wrack up negative reviews, which could be the kiss of death for your rental.

Take a look at this post from Guest Hook about how to address your rental’s flaws in a way that builds trust with potential guests.

Write like a human being.

A pushy, flashy tone that sounds like a late-night infomercial (“Can you believe these deals?! ACT NOW because they won’t last!”) isn’t going to help your cause with potential guests. But a warm, welcoming personality will. After all, the guests will likely be interacting with you personally at some point – and they want to know their vacation is in good hands.

So write like you would talk to a friend. In fact, think back to when you purchased your vacation rental (if you’re an owner). How did you describe it to your close friends and family? Which features were you most excited to tell them about? Re-create that conversation in your rental description.

Think like your guests.

After all is said and done, you are trying to make a sale. Sealing the deal while avoiding salesy language is a delicate balance, but it’s one you can achieve by thinking like your guests.

Step back and look at your home from an outsider’s perspective (or, even better, get an actual outsider’s perspective), and identify what truly sets your home apart. Is it the view? The proximity to certain attractions? The cozy interior? The outdoor space?

Make a list of three to five of these aspects, and give yourself permission to give them the hard sell. As for everything else, keep your language to-the-point.

Leave your rental description to the pros.

Guest Hook specializes in using the right words to drive more potential guests towards booking. Tell us about your property and we can create an accurate and engaging description that nails all of your key selling points without sounding pushy. Contact us today to get started.

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