Don’t Say Cheap: How to Appeal to Budget-Conscious Guests

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023

One of the things we love most about the vacation rental industry is just how diverse it is.

It’s not a market full of just high-end ski chalets and $1,000/night mansions. There are also sweet beach cottages. Old school cabins with character. Even studio apartments that pack a punch.

Some guests are looking for high-end luxury; others are looking to smartly budget their hard-earned dollars. If your rental appears to the latter, this post is for you.

Budget-conscious guests are some of the savviest clients there are, and building trust with them is crucial to earning their bookings. Read on to learn how to establish that bond through your copy and content.


Avoid the oversell.

There are few hard-and-fast rules in the vacation rental copywriting game, but here’s one: never make your nightly rate your major selling point.

Even the cheapest rentals have better aspects to highlight than their rock bottom prices. If you focus all of your attention on how affordably you’re priced, guests will think that’s the only good thing you have to say about your rental.

In our post on words not to use in your listing description, we cautioned owners and managers against using “cheap” and “affordable.” There are plenty of ways to appeal to budgeters without being so blatant—which is something we’ll discuss below.

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Be what you are.

Your success depends on attracting the right guests, not attracting every guest.

Too often we see charming, wallet-friendly rentals use a voice that’s more befitting of a high-end penthouse, using words like “sumptuous” and “elegant.” Instead of lofty language and over-the-top descriptions, bring it back down to earth by adopting a friendly and conversational tone.

Plenty of guests will like your rental just the way it is. Those are the ones you want to book with you. Plus, a savvy guest can spot an impostor from a mile away, and they’re more likely to be wooed by a description that’s warm and sincere.

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Define what’s important to your guest.

If luxury isn’t important to your guests, what is?

Do parents appreciate your full kitchen because it means they don’t need to have every meal at a restaurant? Do millennials book your rental because it’s more authentic than a stuffy hotel room? Does your property attract busy business travelers for its convenience?

Focus on these benefits, and choose words that reinforce them. If you’re best suited for the family crowd, ideas like making memories and spending time together hold a lot of weight with your potential guests. Likewise, if you’re trying to target millennials, you should keep your attention on genuine experiences and adventures.

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Create a content marketing strategy.

Thoughtful listing descriptions aren’t the only way to show your rental is easy on the wallet. Budget-conscious guests do a lot of research to arrive at the best possible decision. If you create great content that reaches these guests, it will influence them.

It’s not enough to shout out low and no-cost activities in the location of your listing description. You need to build trust with budget-conscious travelers by creating a content marketing strategy that helps them feel good about their decision. Here are a few actionable steps we’d suggest for affordable vacation rentals:

  • Create an insider guide that highlights local parks or beaches with free or low-cost admission.
  • Write a blog post—or a blog series—on how to have a jam-packed day in your destination for under a certain amount of money (like $20 or $50, depending on your target guests and location).
  • Follow local budget-friendly attractions on social media, and share their posts on your rental or company’s pages to show guests they’ll have plenty of options for low-cost fun during their stay. Just be conscious not to overdo it—your original content should take precedence on your social media.
  • Create a welcome book that helps guests save money during their trip. For example, the owner or manager of a beach rental might compile seafood recipes and local market recommendations into a cookbook to give guests ideas for special meals without dining out. It’s a lot of work, but you’ll notice the payoff when these above-and-beyond displays of hospitality are mentioned in your reviews.

If you’re still having trouble writing for budget-conscious guests—or creating a content strategy that hits home with your target demographic—Guest Hook is here to help. Our team of writers considers your audience to create content and listing descriptions that drive guests towards booking. Get in touch with us today.

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