Vacation Rental Content Marketing Boot Camp Week 1: Defining Your Audience

Content Marketing - Defining Your Audience

So you’re ready to ramp up your vacation rental content marketing efforts?

Great choice! Content marketing is a solid strategy for gaining new guests and forging bonds with former ones. But before you start talking, you need to figure out who’s listening.

In the first week of our New Year’s content marketing boot camp, we discussed what content marketing is, how it works and how to establish an audience you’ll aim to reach with your efforts.

From creating fictional guest personas to combing your guest reviews for insight, we covered several strategies to figure out who you’re writing for, and reserved some time at the end to answer your questions about all things content marketing.

If you’d like to attend the rest of our boot camp or future webinars and (optionally!) have your own content critiqued by us, please head over to the Webinar Friday page where you can sign up! 

Getting to Know You: Defining Your Audience

This webinar comes in at around 50 minutes, with around half the time dedicated to questions from attendees and discussion of vacation rental content marketing challenges! To help you navigate to the specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction

03:23: Content Marketing: An Introduction

10:33: Aren’t “Guests” My Audience?

14:39: Developing Your Target Guest Persona
(including a persona-based marketing article on Matt Landau’s blog)

18:54: Example Guest Profile: Claire
(including an example of a guest persona)

27:24: Week 2 Preview + Q&A Session
(Q&A starts at 30:40 mark)

48:58: Closing comments

If you’d like to attend weeks 2-4 please sign up via the webinar sign up page. Each week we aim to reserve at least half of the webinar time to a Q&A session, giving you the opportunity to put your questions to us.  It’s always fun fielding such challenging questions and figuring out sensible/constructive answers on the spot!

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