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This One Thing is Your Vacation Rental Content Marketing Superpower

Jul 31, 2017|

It’s not your mega marketing budget, your luxurious interior design, or your fancy amenities (though those things are nice, too). It’s your local expertise. And here’s why—to book guests, you need to convince them of [...]

How Guest Personas Can Solve Your Vacation Rental Content Marketing Woes

Jul 13, 2017|

If you’re reading this post, your vacation rental content marketing strategy may not be going as planned. Maybe nobody’s reading. Or maybe you have some readers, but not the ones you hoped for. Or maybe [...]

Why Stories Matter: Five Takeaways from Vacation Rental Success Summit 2017

May 15, 2017|

At Guest Hook, we’re big fans of the Vacation Rental Success Summit. And not just because its organizers, Heather and Mike Bayer, are great people (though they most definitely are).   We get excited [...]

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