Here Are The Best Airbnb Descriptions We’ve Found

Are the best Airbnb listing descriptions full of humor or emotional language? Descriptive and poetic, or short and to the point?

The answer is: it depends! On the Airbnb host, on the vacation rental, on the location, and on the target audience.

There’s no template or one-size-fits-all answer for how to craft the best Airbnb description. So we’ve scoured Airbnb and rounded up some of our favorite listings, then zoomed in on what makes them so special. Check out these description examples!

A Pirate’s Life For Me – Houseboat!

Catchy Humor in Charleston.

What grabbed our attention on this one was the headline, what kept it was the voice.

Named “A Pirate’s Life For Me – Houseboat!”, the enthusiasm on this listing was contagious from the moment we set eyes on it. The deal was sealed with these catchy introductory lines: “Pirate’s Life was gutted & rebuilt using reclaimed materials, sweat, & love.” Who wouldn’t love a seaside escape created with such loving attention?

But with such a unique accommodation comes equally unique challenges. Like seasickness and not-your-average toilets. This host tackles any question a potential guest might have with grace and humor. Our favorite snippet is when he explains whether guests will feel rocking on the boat by saying:

“There is still a small amount of wave action and you’ll feel a slight rock from time-to-time, mostly from boats passing by who don’t respect the no wake zone (feel free to yell at them & shake your fist while doing so).”


  • Let your enthusiasm show! Guests love hosts that love their rentals
  • If you have to lay down the law and explain the Airbnb house rules, do so with humor
  • Determine a key attribute of your ideal guests (adventurous, relaxed, etc.) and speak to it in your headline
  • Avoid unhappy guests by talking about your flaws upfront

Whiskey Hollow, Cozy A-Frame Cabin in the Redwoods

Specific, sweet, and sets the scene on the coast of California.

You know what you’re getting the moment this charming escape in the woods pops up in your search results, because the title tells you right away: “Whiskey Hollow, Cozy A-Frame Cabin in the Redwoods”. To-the-point, but at the same time ultra-descriptive, this title makes a great first impression and sets the scene for your stay.

The listing of this great Airbnb is just as informative. The description tells you how you can spend your getaway (“Snuggle up in the comfy queen bed in the loft, luxuriate in the oversized bathtub with candles, and cozy up in front of the wood fireplace”) and focuses on what an Airbnb guest would want to know about the property (“Felton offers two nearby markets: Wild Roots and Safeway”; “During the summer, we have a window air conditioning unit.”)

The extra details (“During your visit, please feel free to enjoy the television, board games, books, popcorn, coffee and tea”; “If you are bringing the little ones, let us know–we will set out the bins of Legos and trains!”) go a long way to convince guests this is the right place for them.

Even the photo captions provide rich and specific details (“Cozy living room with fireplace and a gorgeous view of the redwoods.”; “Roomy and fully outfitted kitchen with a brand-new gas range and dishwasher.”)


  • Focus on the details that are most important to your ideal guests
  • Use the headline (and beginning of your introduction) to set a scene
  • Be specific (not trees, but redwoods. not just bath, but oversized bathtub with candles)
  • Don’t forget about the captions! Carry over parts of your description to the captions or highlight features like Wi-Fi, Netflix, swimming pool or outdoor space

Luxurious Suite with Canal View in Heart of City

Welcoming in Amsterdam.

First and foremost, the voice here is so welcoming and engaging. It’s written in first-person POV, which we always advise. The opening description from this Superhost pulls you right in and makes you feel like you’re already there (“The Historic Canal Suites will have you surrounded by the most iconic Amsterdam sights when you’re out and about in the neighborhood, and steeped in rich Dutch culture when you’re relaxing in your suite built for luxury.”)

Meanwhile, this great Airbnb listing also clearly and concisely explains the home’s selling points right up front: “feature wall of windows complete with a windowsill built for sitting and sipping coffee” and “spacious bathroom that includes a walk-in rainshower with dual shower heads”. And it also puts big draws right there in the headline: “Luxurious Suite with Canal View in Heart of City.”

The listing description not only welcomes guests to the home, but welcomes them to Amsterdam and its culture. (“The building housing the suites is an authentic piece of Dutch history, built in 1637. Each suite is inspired by one of the great Dutch masters of the 17th century.”)


  • Be welcoming and inclusive
  • Showcase your personality
  • Clearly highlight your key selling points early and often and spotlight the guest experience
  • Make sure the expectation you’re setting matches the reality

Designer Retreat in the Heart of Melbourne

Persona-targeted in Melbourne.

We love this one for its clear sense of its intended guest persona: the experience-loving urban explorer. This is the kind of guest who appreciates well-chosen listing details like “directly opposite the State Library lawn, where students lounge in the sun, buskers entertain & many historic celebrations & demonstrations have occurred.” The description is simple, short and to the point.

This listing even directly calls out who it’s best for, a tactic we definitely recommend: “Particularly suitable for music lovers, with a guitar and a record player for guests to enjoy.”

Lastly, this host also speaks to her target guests’ sense of adventure by offering insider expertise and tours of the “hidden pockets of Melbourne” for her guests—though she’s also clear that this is “upon request,” so that more introverted guests will know their vacation won’t be interrupted by a well-meaning host. Smart!


  • Develop a guest persona to help guide your property description choices
  • Make mention of your insider knowledge (if you are the type of host to show guests around and/or give suggestions)
  • As you target a particular type of guest, be careful not to alienate other types
  • Keep it short and simple. If you can say it in a sentence, don’t write a paragraph. Bullet points can also be effective for organizing features simply and effectively

Your Best Airbnb Description Yet

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