Vacation Rental Listing Descriptions

I actually teared up reading Jessica’s copy. It’s magical. It’s beautiful. It sings loud and clear in a beautiful voice. Thank you. I paid her $200; she gave me priceless.
Jane Shattuck, Barbados
Beach Vacation Rentals
We have seen a big increase in inquiries. Having had only 5 days booked in September we now have the whole month booked apart from 3 days. Pretty cool!
Rikke Page, Owner of
Honestly I was skeptical. The results? A new booking in less than 12 hours after posting the rewritten copy to Vrbo! Pretty cool. I should have used Guest Hook sooner!
John Cummings, Owner in

How It Works

1. Purchase Property Description

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2. Tell Us About Your Property

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3. Receive Your New Description

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Single Description

$ 249
  • Uses the Guest Hook Methodology
  • Engaging Headline + 400 Word Description
  • Three Rounds Of Edits
  • Completed Within 7 Business Days

Multiple Descriptions

$ 199 per property
  • For Those With 2-10 Properties
  • Same Service as Single Property
  • 25% Pricing Discount
  • Completed Within 10 Business Days

More Than 10 Descriptions

$ Variable
  • For Those With More Than 10 Properties
  • Ideal For Property Managers
  • Pricing – Bulk Discounts Offered
  • Timing Depends On Volume

Your vacation rental listing description from Guest Hook will:

The Goal?

Convert casual browsers into booked guests!