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I actually teared up reading Jessica’s copy. It’s magical. It’s beautiful. It sings loud and clear in a beautiful voice. Thank you. I paid her $200; she gave me priceless.
Jane Shattuck, Barbados
Beach Vacation Rentals
I've been using their [property descriptions] for years and they have helped me with over 7 properties. Quality is top-notch and customer service is superb. Would recommend to anyone!
Jeff Brown, Pro Host
Loma Homes
We have seen a big increase in inquiries. Having had only 5 days booked in September we now have the whole month booked apart from 3 days. Pretty cool!
Rikke Page, Owner of
Honestly I was skeptical. The results? A new booking in less than 12 hours after posting the rewritten copy to Vrbo! Pretty cool. I should have used Guest Hook sooner!
John Cummings, Owner in

When You Order A Property Description From Us, We Deliver

Experienced Copywriters

Our team are vacation rental and travel copywriting experts. It’s not just about writing words, it’s about selling an experience! 

Unique Copy

Each description is unique per property: we can even write unique descriptions for listing sites + your own site for the same property. 

Designed To Sell

Flowery language may be fun to read, but it doesn’t always drive a guest towards booking. Our descriptions help to turn “lookers” into “bookers”.

How Does The Process Work?

1. Purchase Property Description

Use our secure checkout to reserve your spot in line. See below for full details of what’s included, together with our pricing structure.

2. Tell Us About Your Property

Answer a few simple questions designed to help us get to know your rental, your unique selling points, and your target guest. Our customer portal makes this easy, and takes just a few minutes.

3. Receive Your New Description

One of our pro copywriters will then write your listing and headline in 7 days or less. Upload to the listing site (or your own website) and watch the magic happen!

Our Comprehensive Descriptions Include 9 Core Sections

Our descriptions include each section that you’ll need for a compelling listing on both Airbnb, Vrbo and your own website. 

An Irresistible & Clickable Headline

The key to a showing off all that your property has to offer is a great lead image/thumbnail and a great headline! Your headline is the first thing your potential guest will see, so we write punchy and clickable headlines.

Location Description & The Neighborhood

Sure, we’re here to sell the rental, but it’s still about the location, right? Here, we dive into the nearby neighborhood and community or area and share why it’s a phenomenal place to book a stay.

Interaction With Guests

Not all short-term rentals/Airbnb listings have the same in-person interaction with guests. If you host from afar, we’ll share that, or write up a friendly message for this part of the description if you’re on-site or local. 

About The Host / About The Manager

Guests don’t just book a property: they have to trust their host or manager! Make sure your bio/about the host section tells a story about what you have to offer and why you’re involved in short-term rentals in the first place.

The Short Description

Once a guest dives into your listing, the main “meat” of your description is the short description (Airbnb) or primary description (Vrbo + others). This is your chance to share the key facts and tell a story about what makes your rental unique! 

Features Description & Other Things To Note

Have a pool? Hot tub? Beach access? Smart TV? Even more? Show off all that your property has to offer in the property features section of your description! Here, our copywriter will focus on your primary selling points and make this copy sizzle with all you offer your guests.

Getting There & Transit

Guests want to know it all! So, help them understand how to get to your property (plane, train, bus, sea, by car) and arrive in style.

Property Access Information

Okay, I’ve booked, now how do I get in?! Guests want to know the process to rest their head on your bed.

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Single Standard Description

$ 249
  • Uses the Guest Hook Methodology
  • Engaging Headline + 400 Word Description
  • Three Rounds Of Edits
  • Completed Within 7 Business Days

Multiple Descriptions

$ 199 per property
  • For Those With 2-10 Properties
  • Same Service as Single Property
  • 25% Pricing Discount
  • Completed Within 10 Business Days

Enhanced Descriptions

$ 499 per property
  • For Those Looking For Advanced Copy Testing: Three Variants Included Per Property
  • You'll Get Three Unique Titles & Three Unique Descriptions
  • Ideal For Advanced Hosts
  • Completed Within 5 Business Days

Your Vacation Rental Listing Description From Guest Hook Will...

The Goal?

Convert casual browsers into booked guests!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! 👋 We’re Guest Hook. Since 2015, we’ve written hundreds of listing descriptions for vacation rental hosts, managers, Superhosts and Premier Partners. Our team has decades of vacation rental experience to put to work for your property.

Typically we deliver each order from within 7 – 10 business days of submitting your order information.

Almost certainly! We’ve worked with hosts that own a single condo that rents for $79 per night all the way up to luxury villas that book for tens of thousands of dollars per booking. Our clients may vary in size but every listing needs a great description.

Our onboarding process is fast and easy. Once you place your order, you’re taken to our secure and private order intake form that collects key information: property photos, bedroom configuration, unique aspects of you + the property. Once the intake form is complete, our copywriting team makes the magic happen.

Our thousands of high performing descriptions say YES. Guest Hook clients have reported high increases in bookings once their new description is live as well as fewer support and chat messages.

Yes we do. In the unlikely event that our revisions aren’t able to accurately describe your listing and after working with multiple copywriters on our team, if you are unhappy, we will refund you.

Absolutely! Our intake form accommodates listings that are “in progress”. Many of our vacation rental manager clients bring us on board before they list the property on their own website + listing sites.

Almost certainly, but we’re not accountants so please consult your CPA or tax professional. But ordering from Guest Hook is a business expense for your short term rental or Airbnb. 

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