Vacation Rental Income Calculator

Calculate your income for your vacation rental property! Enter daily rate, occupancy and key expenses (mortgage, insurance, HOA & property management) to get an income projection.

Use our vacation rental income calculator to estimate your total annual income you can earn from your vacation rental property. 

Whether you are investing to diversify your income, to build equity and wealth or planning for retirement, you want your vacation rental business to be successful. After all, the reason a vacation rental is purchased is to generate revenue, it is an investment property.

Purchasing a vacation rental requires some work especially when it comes down to finances. Before making a purchase, a homeowner needs to make sure the purchase will be a profitable one.

The majority of the time, a short-term vacation rental can bring in more revenue over a long-term rental, but there are more fees associated with these types of rentals. 

We want to help future vacation rental owners understand how the fees associated with a vacation rental property investment play a role in the potential income that can be earned. Of course we want you to be successful with your vacation rental business! This is why we created a rental property income calculator.

Use our calculator to estimate the total annual income you can earn from your vacation rental property. Revenue – Expenses = Total Annual Income.

Our calculator is broken down into 9 different variables (on a monthly basis):

1. Expected Average Nightly Rental Rate

2. Expected Average Of Nights Booked

3. Commission Rate Of Property Management Company (if applicable)

4. Mortgage Payment Expense

5. Property Taxes Expense

6. Insurance Expense

7. HOA Fees (if applicable)

8. Utilities Expense

9. Other Monthly Expenses (cleaning fees, maintenance fees, pool fees, wifi, etc.)

According to Airdna, short-term rentals earn up to three times more than traditional long-term rentals.

According to iGMS, there are a few metrics every owner or property manager should be looking into: occupancy rate, revenue per available room, average length of stay, average daily rate, net operating income, revenue per property, guest satisfaction, inquiry to booking conversion rate and average response time to an inquiry.

We are a digital marketing team that help owners and property managers by increasing direct bookings through effective digital marketing campaigns. From creating property descriptions for your vacation rental to building a website where your clients can book directly. We are here to serve you and grow your vacation rental business!

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