10 Unique Vacation Rentals to
Inspire Your 2022 Getaway
(Or Your Next Investment)

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: December 1, 2023

At Guest Hook, we get to spend our days writing listing descriptions for vacation rentals all around the world… and daydreaming about visiting them ourselves.

In this post, we’re sharing the 10 most unique vacation rentals we have come across in our (mostly virtual) “travels.” Not all of the rentals on the list are clients of ours (though some are!), and they run the gamut from converted barns and grain silos to perfectly preserved vintage trailers and underground hobbit holes.

What all these properties do have in common is an utterly unique design sense—usually around a theme—and a commitment to seeing that theme through down to the very last detail. Trends around unique Airbnb trends are going to continue to grow and evolve this year and beyond.

These owners and property managers are definitely not afraid to take risks, express their creativity, and turn a place to stay into a living canvas. So, whether you are looking to take a vacation or buy a vacation rental (or both!), these work-of-art properties are sure to inspire.

Banana Bungalow in Wilton Manors, FL

The home that inspired us to write this blog post, Banana Bungalow bills itself as a tropical oasis in Wilton Manors, FL and it certainly does not disappoint! Complete with a huge banana mural on its exterior by the pool, an indoor “banana corner” that’s tailormade for Instagram pics, and even a banana-yellow sofa in the living area, Banana Bungalow chose a theme and boldly stuck with it. And they pull it off!

Cow Shed in Woodbridge, UK

When a tiny home stay just isn’t novel enough, meet Daisy—a Cow Shed in the Suffolk Countryside (UK) that surprisingly sleeps 4 guests in its compact quarters. Located within a farm park—with free admission to the park included in your stay—Daisy doesn’t have a bathroom inside; guests use the nearby “shower shed.” A hit with kiddos!

Underground Hobbit Hole in Del Norte County, CA

When it comes to offbeat vacation rentals, hobbit holes are becoming an increasingly popular offering. It would seem that tucking underground in the middle of a forest has greater and greater appeal to travelers these days. This hobbit hole in California makes our list because, once again, they have chosen a theme and gone all-in! Underground accommodations simply weren’t enough for these owner/architects; they upped the ante with toadstool seating, a “center tree pillar,” stained glass windows and more.

Twelve Parsecs by Loma Homes in Orlando, FL

When it comes to themed vacation rentals, no one does it quite like Loma Homes. This Florida-based vacation rental company is raising the bar for accommodations that are really more like immersive experiences, complete with custom-made furnishings, wall murals, and other eye-popping details that make you feel like you’re staying on a movie set. Twelve Parsecs, pictured here, is just one of Loma Homes’ offerings in Orlando, FL—a natural extension of a visit to Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Theme Park.

Rustic-Vintage Barn in Londonberry, VT

“Rustic-modern” design is seemingly everywhere these days… but this 200-year-old converted barn in the Green Mountains of Vermont charmed us by leaning more “rustic” than “modern,” complete with rough-hewn wood galore, a wood-burning stove, a canoe suspended from the ceiling, exposed shelving and an overall feeling of stepping into the simpler life of a 19th century farmer. Lest you mourn the loss of modern amenities, though, this barn also includes a sauna, a hot tub and up-to-date appliances.

1978 Mobile Home in El Prado, NM

Another time-capsule vacation rental, this mobile home in El Prado, NM (near Taos) commits to its vintage vibes with 1970s furnishings, wood-paneled walls, shag rugs, vintage “harvest gold” kitchen appliances, and so much more. Meanwhile, the dramatic mountain views are totally timeless, and the trailer park’s mascot, Queen Maxine the potbelly pig, is just icing on the cake.

Green Moon Lodge in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Bonus points for the name given to this colorful, distinctive lodging option in Montezuma! After all, what better name is there for three interconnected green domes in the jungle of Costa Rica? Handmade from “aircrete” (a concrete-foam mix) and painted by local artists, Green Moon Lodge features a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living/kitchen area facing a tropical garden. Heavenly!

The Silo House at Laughing Llama Farm in Troy, TX

A converted grain silo is certainly one of the most unique lodging options we’ve come across at Guest Hook! “The Silo House” is located on a working llama farm near Waco, TX and offers sleeping for four guests in its 672 square feet of space. The creativity of this vacation rental continues inside, with the pipe and barnwood stair rail on the spiral staircase and gorgeous reclaimed barnwood ceiling!

Bombay Beach Tile House and Casita in Niland, CA

Located in the eclectic artists’ town of Bombay Beach, on Southern California’s inland Sultan Sea (about an hour from Palm Springs), the Tile House is an aptly named wonderland with extravagant mosaics and other vibrant tilework, both inside and out. We highly recommend clicking through to the full collection of photos to get the full effect of this unique property, which features both a main house and a casita—both resplendent with colorful tiles. Oh, and there’s a hot tub, too!

The Nashville Pinky in Nashville, TN

The Nashville Pinky is fun, eclectic and super unique! It’s just a one-bedroom condo, but guests love the layout, color and unique extras.

The Nashville Pinky also offers and outdoor movie area as well as a woodfire pizza oven! Talk about fun and memorable.

The Yellow Submarine

Last up, we introduce you to a New Zealand gem modeled after the classic Beatles hit and set in the redwoods of Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui! The exterior of this quirky vacation rental speaks for itself, but stepping inside only adds to the experience. There you’ll find Victorian steampunk decor, a porthole-like bed/bath and, as a bonus for those seeking to disconnect from the real world and embark on an imaginative journey, no cell or WiFi service inside the submarine.

Thanks for checking out these bold, on-theme vacation rentals with us! Whether you’re the proud owner of a grain silo, an eco-friendly dome, or a condo on the beach, Guest Hook can help you find the words that capture what make it special—and get you more guests! Contact us to see how we can help.

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