Social Media 101 for Vacation Rentals: Defining Your Goal

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: August 31, 2023

In our last post, we asked you to jot down your ideas for using social media to market your vacation rental. Now, it’s time to put those ideas to work to define the goal you want to achieve by using social media.

What’s the point?

Think about what would work best for your rental. Do you want to show families how you host hassle-free visits to seashore resorts? Do you want the world to see your architecturally magnificent rental in a postcard-perfect landscape? Do you want to entice vacationers to ditch the pricy hotels in big cities and have a unique experience at your home instead?

Not all vacation marketing is the same – what works for a sprawling penthouse in Malibu might not be the same as what works for a cozy cottage in Nashville. In order to have success on social media, you have to first identify what your goal is for being social in the first place.

Think about which of the following purposes you’d like your social media to serve.

Customer service

When you use social media page for your VR business, you can expect at least one part of its purpose to be customer service. Maintaining a two-way dialogue between you and your guests pays dividends for future business. That’s because it’s so public: if you remain responsive to your guests’ questions and concerns on social media, that dedication is viewable by other potential customers.

Let’s say an eager guest turns to your social channels to ask last-minute questions about accommodations right before his stay. By delivering a helpful response, you’re not only answering questions for that guest, you’re providing answers for any potential renters who visit your page. Plus, you’re demonstrating your level of care and dedication to all of your customers.

The most important part of providing top-notch customer service on social media? Monitor your comments. Set up email alerts so that you never miss the chance to say thanks for a raving review or, even more importantly, address negative comments.

Telling your story

Whether it’s a stunning view, a premier location or an unforgettable interior, there’s a reason why guests turn to your vacation rental for an escape from day-to-day life. Social media is the perfect platform to gain exposure for those key selling points.

We’ll dig into unique ways to use each platform later in the series. But before we do, ask yourself the following questions to determine what aspects of your vacation rental are worth talking about.

  • Is your setting out of this world? Do you have mind-blowing sunrises, sweeping vistas or lush surroundings?
  • Are you close to the action? Do you want to show the world the cultural opportunities just outside your front door?
  • Do you offer added luxury? Have a hot tub under the stars? A kid-friendly game room? What’s inside your property that you won’t find at others?
  • Have any of your guests had a once-in-a-lifetime – or just simply enjoyable – stay at your property? Are they willing to tell their stories on your social channels?
  • Do you have emotional ties to this property? Is there a story behind how this property came to be a vacation rental? Is it historical or unique in its origins?

Creating leads

Using social media for your vacation rental isn’t just for fun – it’s profitable. Let’s think about how social media helps you create leads.

  • It helps you reach an audience interested in an area. If you’re contributing to the conversation about a certain vacation destination, you’re putting your business’s name in front of users who are interested in staying in your location.
  • It’s interactive. Your guests can spread your name by posting about their good experiences at your properties and by sharing, liking and commenting on your content.
  • It’s how vacationers research. 52% of travelers use social media for vacation inspiration. If you’re not on social media, you’re not doing your part to reach your audience.

Take a minute to think about how these three uses for social media could help benefit your rental. In our next 2 posts, we’ll hear from 2 successful vacation rental owners who have used social media to multiply their leads and gain bookings: Thibault Masson and Nancy McAleer.

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