The Guest Hook of the Future

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023

In the coming weeks, you might notice some big changes on our website and in our service offerings.

Guest Hook is excited to announce that we’re expanding and growing. Since our inception as the web’s first vacation rental-specific copywriting agency, we’ve had the pleasure of working with forward-thinking homeowners and property managers to create thoughtful copy that drives guests towards a booking.

Now, we’re adding branding and content marketing services to help you hook even more guests and evolve with the industry.

Here’s why.

We’re looking towards the future.

Vacation rentals aren’t like other accommodations: they’re as unique as their owners and managers themselves. As the industry grows, successful property managers are learning how to turn that personal touch into a professional selling point.

Professionalization doesn’t have to mean making every room and home as vanilla as a guest suite at the Holiday Inn. It means elevating your portfolio from a mixed bag to an intentional brand—one that shines a light on all the quirks and charms that your guests already love about you.

We believe that strategic content is the way to accomplish this. We’re ready to work with property managers who want to take a clear-visioned, holistic approach towards content marketing—by defining who their guests are (and who they’d like them to be), finding those guests where they live on the internet, and writing useful content that sparks their daydreams about what a vacation could be and creates a connection to your brand.

We’re blending creativity and data.

Guest Hook is the brainchild of a former CEO and a former creative writing professor. Talk about two ends of a spectrum.

When it comes to selling your vacation rental, we know that the sweet spot for results is right in the middle. We’ll unleash our creativity on your marketing, but we’ll never be fluffy. Everything we do will have an end goal.

One example: we might dream up your ideal guests—and even give them names. Then we’ll use that rock solid understanding for laser-focused targeting in keyword-driven blog posts and on social media.

All the while, we’ll take long, hard looks at your analytics, measuring your ROI, and making adjustments as we go to achieve the best results. We’ll see what’s working, change what’s not, and collaborate with you to create content that both drives traffic and feels true to who your company is.

We’re growing from our roots.

We began in 2015 as the web’s only vacation rental-specific copywriting agency—and we’ll still welcome your listing descriptions and web copy projects with open arms!

But as we move forward, we’re creating the opportunity for property managers to make professional copy a moving gear in the bigger machine of their marketing.

All that we’ve learned and practiced in our three years as a copywriting agency will serve as a foundation for Guest Hook to come. Like the power of SEO. The importance of knowing your audience. How to use copy to foster a relationship between your rental and your potential guests.

Not to mention our relationships in the world of vacation rentals. Since 2015, we’ve watched hobby homeowners become property management forces to be reckoned with. We’re ready to grow with them.

Interested in learning more about how our new branding and content marketing services can help your vacation rental business? Contact us today.

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