Placing your property on Airbnb is an excellent solution for generating extra income. And like any other business, running an Airbnb can also take up much of your time. The property’s security can be a stressful task to manage. 

However, a high-quality Airbnb smart lock resolves many potential security issues. In addition, the lock can help ease the flow of guests checking in and out, keep track of who is staying and when, and provide secure codes. 

A smart lock saves you time and effort while offering your guests a streamlined experience. But finding the right lock among the hundreds of options available can be difficult. 

Are you looking for the best smart lock for Airbnb or any other vacation rental? Then, you are in the right place. 

Read on to find a review of the best smart lock for Airbnb in 2022 and everything you need to know about the locks. 

What Is a Smart Lock?

Smart locks are Bluetooth- or Wi-Fi-capable smart home devices that let you leave house keys behind, lock, and unlock doors with the tap of a finger or voice command. In addition, a smart lock allows remote access, so you can open your Airbnb door to let a guest into the property. 

Using a smart lock offers Airbnb hosts several benefits, including: 

Top 5 Smart Locks for Airbnb

Now that you know what a smart lock is, here’s a list of the best smart locks for your Airbnb rentals on the market. 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock—Best Overall

August Home, Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)– Fits Your Existing Deadbolt in Minutes, Silver
  • UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING DEADBOLT: August smart locks fit on the inside of your door, making your regular deadbolt smarter, more secure and way more convenient. Keep your keys just in case (but you won’t need them).Connectivity Protocol:wi-fi.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • GRANT ACCESS WITH THE AUGUST APP: Forget key copying. Quickly and easily share permanent, scheduled or temporary access to your home with friends, family and other people you trust, and never put a key under the doormat again.
  • EASY TO INSTALL ON ANY DOOR: Even if you’re not so handy, installation only takes about 10 minutes. August locks fit perfectly over most single cylinder deadbolts and aren't much bigger than your original thumbturn.
  • AUTO-LOCKS AND UNLOCKS: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is able to Auto-Unlock as you get home for totally hands-free unlocking (optional). With Auto-Lock and DoorSense, your home automatically secures once your door is closed, or after a set amount of time.
  • WORKS SEAMLESSLY WITH YOUR SMART HOME: Built-in Wi-Fi allows your lock to work with your favorite voice assistant, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and more.

August smart locks are a popular choice for people with Airbnb properties. This hockey puck-shaped August Smart Lock ensures the door stays locked if a guest leaves in a hurry or forgets to lock up. Further, the lock has plenty of compatibilities, making it the best smart lock on the market. 

The device from August offers you all the functionality of a smart lock, easy to install, and even easier to use. A retrofit design makes the smart lock easy to install without replacing the current deadbolt. 

However, one of the biggest reasons we’re in love with this lock is how hands-free it is. Unlike other locks, this August smart lock doesn’t feature a smart keypad. Instead, it just requires a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection to lock and unlock automatically. 

DoorSense sensors in the lock ensure the door locks once a guest leaves. Further, you can set up your Airbnb’s Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, or Amazon Alexa to lock and unlock the Pro August with simple voice commands. 

The August app & lock has Wi-Fi built-in, so you don’t need to purchase an extra module for remote controlling it. Bluetooth connectivity lets guests control the lock when nearby. 

The August smart lock pro provides seamless Airbnb integration. A guest receives an invitation to download and install the August mobile app to access your property during their stay. Guests also may choose to receive unique entry codes if you install an optional August Smart Keypad.

You will notice the slimmer design and profile of the Pro smart lock. The result is effortless blending with your property’s décor. 

The August Smart Lock is one of the best solutions for any business person ready to secure their Airbnb home using a smart home device. It’s easy to install and offers a laundry list of features such as control from anywhere over Wi-Fi and guest keys. 

The lock runs on CR123 batteries with a lifespan between three and six months. Factors likely to affect battery life include Wi-Fi connection quality and how often guests open and close the door over data or Wi-Fi connections. However, the August smart lock lets you use a physical key should the batteries die. 

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is perfect for your Airbnb property because: 

Schlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Smart Deadbolt — Best Durability

SCHLAGE Connect Smart Deadbolt with Camelot trim in Satin Nickel, Zigbee Certified - BE468GBAK CAM 619
  • For Key App compatibility, use the Zigbee certified Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt + Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) and enjoy voice commands via Alexa, keyless entry, door monitoring via Cloud Cam, and optional In-home delivery for Prime members.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • Lock and unlock from anywhere via your smartphone and enjoy hands free voice control when paired with an Alexa compatible Zigbee Smart Home system, such as Echo+ or SmartThings (sold separately)
  • Use the fingerprint resistant touchscreen to share up to 30 access codes with trusted friends and family. Universal latches slide easily into place and require no tools or manual adjustments
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation

Schlage is a trusted lock company in the U.S., operating since 1920. So it’s no surprise that one of their locks would make it to this list. Enter the Schlage Camelot Smart Deadbolt. A touchscreen keypad means your guests don’t have to hassle with keys and gain entry by punching in a unique code.

The lock also shuts itself automatically if you or a guest forgets to lock it. A built-in alarm sounds if anyone tries to break in or tamper with the smart lock. You can connect the deadbolt to your smartphone, tablet, or computer as you pay the Nexia Home Intelligence subscription and buy a Nexia Bridge control unit.

Making a monthly payment for a deadbolt alone may leave a nasty taste in many Airbnb owners’ mouths. However, the Nexia Bridge and subscription also lets you and guests control motion detectors, thermostats, and many more smart devices.

The Schlage Camelot features an attractive design and comes in four different finishes to match your front door and décor. You also get a Century Touchscreen Deadbolt with the same functions and features as the Camelot but in a modern package.

Guests can punch in their codes using the touchscreen. A tap on the Schlage button illuminates the numbers in soft blue light for easy viewing in the dark. Each tap activates a beep, but you can turn the feature off.

The Schlage Camelot touchscreen has a matte finish to prevent fingerprints from sticking so clever burglars don’t figure out the code. However, the same finish makes the screen less responsive.

Inside, the smart lock is bulky and tall—this is where the lock-turning mechanism, motherboard, and battery pack are. You also get a traditional knob, so the lock is usable even when the battery dies. There is another Schlage button for deactivating the alarm and programming.

The motion-sensing alarm will go off if someone tries to break the door down or attempts to tamper with the lock inside and every time the door opens or closes. You can adjust the sensor sensitivity or turn all alarms off.

All other settings are adjustable using the touchpad. The lock comes with two four-digit starter codes and a programming code. Use the programming code to add and delete access codes. A Vacation Mode disables codes, and the lock relies on a key for entry.

The Nexia Bridge plugs into the router and acts as the brain behind all automatable devices via the Z-Wave wireless network. Connect the Wi-Fi bridge to your Camelot lock to unlock and lock the door remotely using the Nexia app or website.

The Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot smart lock is perfect for Airbnb properties because:

Yale Assure Keyed Smart Lock — Best for Physical Keys

Yale Assure Lock - Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Lock - Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Lose your keys, for good: Hands full, Have your door unlock for you with Auto-Unlock. Or unlock using the keypad, or Yale Access app on your smartphone or Apple Watch. Enjoy key-free access and leave the bulky keychain behind..Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • Expand your smart home: Connect your lock to your favorite voice assistant or smart home system. Works with Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, Airbnb, Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, and more. Includes the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge so there’s no additional hub needed.
  • Auto-Locks and Unlocks: Your Assure Lock will Auto-Unlock as you get home for totally hands-free unlocking. With Auto-Lock and DoorSense, your home automatically secures once your door is closed, or after a set amount of time.
  • Digital keys are the new hide-a-key. Quickly and easily share permanent, temporary or scheduled access with friends, family, and people you trust, and never hide a key under the doormat again.

Another excellent option for Airbnb rentals is this Yale Assure smart lock. The unit is like the Schlage Connect above because it will replace the existing deadbolt. This Yale smart lock also allows keyed access.

You can also control the lock from Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple HomeKit devices, which means you can control or check the lock on your Airbnb property from a smartphone, Google Home, or Amazon Echo. As long as your guest remembers the code, they will never lock themselves out.

The Assure Lock features an outward-facing section with a touchscreen and key entry. Color options available are bronze, black, nickel, and brass. The smart lock makes your property safer, thanks to the BHMA Grade 2-certified deadbolt.

The unit runs on batteries, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry. One option is to use a key or hold a 9-volt battery to the lock’s lower end to power up the screen and input the access code.

The Yale Assure Lock screen is responsive and easy to navigate. Tap the Yale logo or place your hand on the touchscreen to activate the screen. However, you cannot activate the lock screen using a finger tap on the screen.

You have an option to create and store up to 250 different access codes for up to 25 people, and assign temporary, scheduled, or permanent access. Further, you also get an option to view the history of anyone unlocking the door and the time. A geofencing feature on the smartphone app unlocks the door as soon as you or your guest arrive.

The smartphone app also has a feature for turning on and off auto-lock, which automatically locks the door after 30 seconds of unlocking. This measure ensures guests never leave the unlocked behind them.

The Yale Assure smart lock fits into standard doors. The installation also doesn’t require bringing in a professional, as it is straightforward and effortless.

Some benefits of installing this Yale Assure Keyed Smart Lock include:

Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Deadbolt — Best No-Frills Option

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt with Camelot Trim in Aged Bronze
  • Smart Lock with Built-in WiFi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere - no additional accessories required. Pair with the Schlage Home app or Key by Amazon app to create and manage up to 100 access codes for trusted friends and family for recurring, temporary or permanent access.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • WORKS WITH ALEXA. Check the status of your lock and lock / unlock your door. In addition, Alexa will let you know when your battery is running low or set-up smart reorders through Amazon Dash Replenishment so you always have replacement batteries when needed.
  • Fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. Optional voice control offers hands-free convenience when using voice-enabled products
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock, while the low battery indicator offers advanced warning for battery replacement
  • Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique Snap ‘n Stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation

Less is more is an age-old design concept that few smart locks on the market adopt. An excellent example is the Schlage Encode Deadbolt, which doesn’t come with unlocking or auto-locking capabilities based on proximity and other features. The Encode is a no-frills, simple option with multiple wireless and physical lock and unlock options.

Many smart door locks need a separate bridge if you’re looking for Wi-Fi connectivity, but this Schlage lock has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Add an ADA-compliant keypad, top security greats, and several designs to choose from, and you have a top-notch lock for your Airbnb.

Built-in Wi-Fi capabilities mean you don’t have to mess with or purchase extra devices. For example, you can unlock the door from anywhere using a smartphone once hooked to your property’s Wi-Fi.

The Schlage Encode also comes with its alarms. The lock detects if someone tries to enter the house by force and makes a siren-like sound. While the alarm is not loud enough, it may scare off the clumsy intruder.

You can set up permanent or temporary guest access codes so guests can come and go without using a physical key. Create virtual keys for opening the door through the Schlage Home app.

We prefer creating access codes that Airbnb guests can use without downloading the app. However, the virtual key is a helpful entry tool for anyone that regularly accesses the property, such as the cleaning or maintenance crew.

This Schlage Encode deadbolt lock has the highest residential scores from Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and America National Standards Institute (ANSI). Further, the lock scores a Commercial Grade 1 rating for ANSI/BHMA—the highest possible grade, meaning the manufacturer is going above residential deadbolt expectations.

Most smart locks have tiny keypads and hard-to-read displays, making them difficult to use by guests with dexterity or visual difficulties. Guests who may have difficulties handling small objects, such as door keys and buttons, will find the ADA-compliant keypad on the Schlage Encode easy to use.

The decent-sized keypad boasts bright, big numbers for easy viewing and pressing. Even guests with large fingers can tap the correct digits without multiple attempts!

For a simple smart lock, this Schlage Encode offers impressive smart home capabilities. The unit works with the Schlage Home app and integrates well with Ring security cameras and home security.

You also have seamless integration with Key by Amazon so that delivery persons can place packages inside the property for guests. Also, your guests can control the lock with voice via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The smart lock replaces your latch and deadbolt, making installation more labor-intensive than other locks on this list. However, installing it is simple enough for a newbie. All that’s required are the easy-to-follow Schlage interactive instructions, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a ruler.

The Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Deadbolt is an ideal smart lock for Airbnb properties because:

Kwikset Halo 99380-001 Smart Lock — Best Customizable Guest Codes

Kwikset Halo Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock, Keyless Entry Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt With SmartKey Security, No Hub Required App Remote Control, Satin Nickel
  • CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Wi-Fi enabled (no hub required), you can use the Kwikset app to remotely lock and unlock, share guest access, view activity history, and more
  • SHARE ACCESS WITH GUESTS: Backlit touchscreen with support for up to 250 access codes. Use the Kwikset app to schedule access windows or share one-time codes with guests
  • SMART HOME INTEGRATION: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, control your lock with your voice, create smart home automations, and manage all your devices
  • INTRUSION DETECTION: Instant notifications in the Kwikset app alert you of any unusual lock activity, including invalid code attempts or lock tampering
  • AUTO-LOCK SECURITY: Set a duration for your door to lock automatically after entry or exit, perfect for keeping your hands free and getting in and out in a hurry

Kwikset Halo is a great choice for a short-term rental property. While other smart locks allow setting up guest codes, few make the process as simple and customizable as this Kwikset device.

This Kwikset smart lock system comes with either a traditional keypad or touchscreen. The touchscreen version looks cool but is finicky during use, while the keypad model offers better functionality.

You tap the touchscreen or use your palm to activate the touchscreen before entering the key code. This version may not register your hand on the first try, and the keypad version issues no problems.

The Kwikset Halo allows creating, scheduling, and labeling up to 250 unique access codes. Of course, such a high number is more than anyone requires, but it’s convenient for running an Airbnb or rental property.

You can name the access codes for essential people with regular access to the rental, such as your vacation rental manager. Further, the system allows scheduling access codes for specific times and days. Setting up a code that only works from when guests check-in to check-out time is simple.

Built-in Wi-Fi integration allows connecting to the lock from anywhere in the world.

The Halo also has a keyhole if you want to go old-school and use regular keys. However, a re-keying feature makes it easy to replace a stolen or lost key quickly. The process takes a few seconds, but you require a current working key.

A SecureScreen feature forces everyone to press two random numbers before entering the entry code. The strategy ensures you leave more marks on the buttons so potential thieves can’t guess the right combination.

The Kwikset Halo is suitable for Airbnb properties because: 

Keep Your Airbnb Property Secure

The reviews above should make finding the best smart lock for Airbnb users easy. Use the resources above and apply them while researching smart locks and other gear for your rental.

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