Guest Hook Is Accepting Orders & A Company Update

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023

Guest Hook’s story this year probably looks quite similar to the story of your business in 2020. Which is to say, a lot has changed since March! 

Nothing shakes up a business quite like a global pandemic, eh? And the vacation rental and travel industries got an even bigger wallop than most (lucky us). But this industry is nothing if not resilient, and we have watched with admiration as you roll with the punches and adapt to the difficulties and joys of this turbulent year. 

We’ve also seen more and more newbies coming into the industry, as vacation rentals become an increasingly popular travel option. If that’s you, welcome! 

So what’s happening with Guest Hook?

Regular clients may have noticed that Guest Hook has been on hiatus since July, while its original co-founder, Jessica Vozel, considered the company’s next moves. The ultimate move ended up being obvious: it was time for Guest Hook to find new life under someone else’s direction. 

That person was Conrad O’Connell and BuildUp Bookings. We knew from working together on projects together that GH and BuB would make for a great collaboration, combining BuB’s technical expertise and GH’s creative energy. 

So, as of now, Guest Hook is once again open for business! And now live, is our brand-new customer portal, where you can securely purchase property listing descriptions, website content, blogs, email marketing, and more — directly on our website. Register here to check it out. 

As before, all the content you purchase from Guest Hook is written by professional associate copywriters with experience specifically in the vacation rental industry. 

Make the most of the travel boom — and the rise in vacation rentals — with expert copy that will put into words the experience guests will have in your corner of the world! Guest Hook is ready to help everyone from industry veterans and property managers with dozens (or hundreds) of listings to those just starting out with their first property. 

About Conrad and BuildUp Bookings

Conference regulars (remember those?!) might remember Conrad’s always-packed presentations about how to boost your business with SEO, paid ads and social media marketing. Over the last four years, he has worked directly with over 50 vacation rental owners, managers and industry tools and software platforms. 

“I’m beyond excited to acquire Guest Hook and take on leadership of such an innovative and valuable marketing suite of services for both vacation rental owners and managers. Guest Hook is here to stay and we’re looking forward to delivering an even more comprehensive offering of digital marketing, branding and copywriting services to past and new customers.”

Conrad O’Connell, Director Of Guest Hook

As 2020 comes to a merciful close, and we await what comes next, the dust has settled for us. So now we’re turning to our clients to help your vacation rental business find a happy ending (or, put another way, a happy new beginning!) in 2021.

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