8 Reasons to Level up with Newsletter Marketing

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Savvy hosts and property managers know that their email list is one of the backbones of their marketing efforts. Why? Email and newsletter marketing. Newsletter marketing is one of the unsung heroes of the vacation rental marketing strategy. They’re not as sexy as social media and they’re definitely more labor intensive. But they’re also a […]

Making Your Vacation Rental Business #BookDirect Ready

It’s the inaugural Guest Education Day, a day for property managers to band together and educate travelers about the perks of booking direct on a property manager’s website. At Guest Hook, we’re excited to watch PMs and other VR pros find new ways to diversify away from listing sites and take greater control of their business […]

How to Build Your VR Reputation with Your Own Website

This week, our friends at Lodgify are offering up tips on how to establish your rental and draw in guests by using your own website. Check out their tips below, and be sure to visit them to learn more about their vacation rental website services. For vacation rental owners everywhere, it’s becoming increasingly more important to have […]

The Trust Series Part Three: What is Your Vacation Rental Truth?

It struck me twice in 24 hours. The first time was yesterday morning, whilst chatting to a friend of mine, who said: “All facts are truth, but not all truths are facts.” The second time was this morning reading a thread on Matt Landau’s vacation rental group. In responding to the increased competition they are facing, […]

Trust Series Part I: Address/Redress in VR Copywriting

If you’re an active vacation rental owner in charge of your own marketing, you’ll easily write 10,000 words about your rental this year. Add in an active blog, or more than one property, and that number might inch toward 25,000 words… even 50,000. (For perspective, the average novel is 65,000 words!) When you add up […]

Dinosaur or Millennial – Who is the Modern Vacation Rental Guest?

It seems every time I fire up my inbox, there’s a blog post or discussion about attracting millennials to your vacation rental. What is it about these modern super-humans, born somewhere between 1982 and 2000, that attracts so much discussion? In part, the fascination is because they came of age with the Internet—or, in some cases, […]

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