Airbnb Titles: Examples Of Clickable Titles To Attract Guests

Airbnb Titles: Examples Of Clickable Titles To Attract Guests Let’s Make a List Here’s an example of the trimmed headlines on Airbnb today So grab some paper, a pen and your creativity.  Audience USPs (Unique Selling Points) Landmark/Location Many of the most powerful unique selling points are location-based, so be sure to keep these in […]

How To Create A Fun Vacation Rental Welcome Letter

As we mentioned in our guide to creating a welcome book, your welcome materials are your greeting to guests at your short-term rental—your handshake when you can’t be there. Whether a pandemic keeps you away… or you live at a distance from your property… or you’re too short on time to welcome all your guests in […]

How To Create An Extremely Useful Vacation Rental Welcome Book

In years past, clients would often ask us at Guest Hook, “Do guests even read welcome books? Are they really worth my time?” There certainly have been many lonely welcome guest books gathering dust on side tables in vacation rental homes everywhere. But that’s less and less the case, these days. The vacation rental industry has grown, and […]

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