6 Ways to Advertise A Vacation Rental to One that Got Away

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: December 1, 2023

Second chances aren’t just lucky—they’re a crucial part of landing bookings.

For a majority of guests, the booking process is not straightforward. In fact, the average traveler visits 38 sites before making a decision.

That’s a lot of daydreaming, internet surfing, and, unfortunately, forgetting. You don’t want to be among the businesses that slip from the minds of potential guests.

It also means that travelers won’t necessarily book your rental the first time they stumble upon your website. But you got their attention once. There are plenty of ways to get it again.

Here are some of our favorite ways to advertise your vacation rental to convert one-time website visitors into your new biggest fans.

Killer Content

More of a necessity than a strategy, building a collection of killer content will help you with whatever plan you choose to win over “the one that got away.”

It’s simple: the more useful and engaging information you offer, the more chances you have to spark interest. And sparking interest is crucial to second-chance bookings.

To get started, we recommend first considering your target guests, then checking out our tips for engaging vacation rental blog posts.


Popping into a traveler’s inbox every so often is a surefire way to stay on their mind. So how do you encourage them to sign up for your email list?

One way is to make your content do the work for you. Put a newsletter signup in every blog post so that first-time readers who enjoy what you’re creating will be reminded to keep coming back.

Once you’ve garnered an email audience, don’t squander it. Use your newsletters to advertise your vacation rental, but don’t get spammy. If you need advice on how to toe the line, here’s the anatomy of an awesome vacation rental newsletter.

Social Media

Nearly 20% of all time spent online is spent on just one site: Facebook.

Obviously, advertising on social media is crucial. And we’re seeing tons of creative ways that vacation rental businesses are using it to reach out to former guests and find news ones.

Make sure you’re offering your website visitors an easy way to find you on social media—whether it’s with links within your content or buttons on your website footer.

And once they’re found you on social, dazzle them so that they’re convinced to follow you.

Need a little inspiration? Listen to these vacation rental pros that are killing it on social media.


Missed the chance to convert your first-time website visitors into Facebook followers (or future guests)? Don’t fret just yet.

By installing a Facebook retargeting pixel, you can create ads that will appear in the newsfeeds of those who have previously visited your site.

Another perk of advertising through retargeting: you can get personal. Consider creating one ad for the young couples crowd, and a different ad for multigenerational family guests—then use them to draw attention to the most relevant content or homes. 

Rave Reviews

It’s a fact: no amount of clever advertising or solid content can atone for poor guest service.

On the flip side, if you pair awesome content strategy with great guest experiences, you have the recipe for building a solid reputation.

From their best friends to online travel forums, there are lots of people that travelers might look to when deciding on where to book. By delivering top-notch service, you increase your chances of being mentioned often and positively. And it’s hard for potential guests to forget you when you’re constantly being recommended to them!

Community Connections

The vacation rental industry is deeply personal—you’re sharing your home, after all. Developing relationships with the people and businesses around you is vital to creating goodwill between vacation rentals and their surrounding communities.

But the perks don’t just end there. Forming bonds with local businesses can be mutually beneficial to both of your bottom lines—whether that means sharing each other’s social media posts or including each other in content or local guides.

During the investigating phase of vacation planning, travelers poke around on websites and social media pages of all different types of local business—from restaurants to tours to entertainment venues. The more your name appears during their research, the more likely they’ll be to visit your website more than once.

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