Summer-Ready: 5 Tips for Beach Rental Listings

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023

Ah, the start of spring. Before you even get to enjoy the blooming flowers and warm weather, the pressure’s on to prep everything – from your yard to your abs – for summer.

If you manage a vacation rental on the beach, that prep work should include your beach rental’s online listing. Now’s the time when vacationers are nailing down their seashore summer plans, so take this opportunity to transform your beach rental description and grab the attention of travelers browsing listing sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway.

Ready to get started? Here are 5 tips for a summer-ready beach vacation rental listing.

Be crystal clear about how close (or far) guests have to go for a day at the beach.

Map out your beach rental.

Just how far are you from those rolling waves? The people want to know! So say it upfront in your listing description. And by “upfront” we mean in the very first line. Really want it to sink in? Put it in your listing description at least 3 more times.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to be ocean-view to brag about your proximity – if your home is only a short drive from the shore, it’s closer than most. Whether you’re beach block or 10 miles away, be honest and crystal clear about it.

Be sure to define the distance in terms that are relevant to your audience, too. Don’t simply say “minutes from the beach.” Is that two minutes or 20? By car, foot, or as the crow flies? It’s too vague.

Instead, say “a five-minute stroll on the public beach path” or “a 10-minute drive away on 590E.” Give guests info they can use!

If you’re concerned that the 10-minute drive will turn guests off, then explain the many other benefits of staying with you. Perhaps your home is in a more peaceful location away from the crowds? Perhaps it’s in a local neighborhood with charm and character? Flip the concern into something positive!

Define your beach.

There are many flavors of beach, from rocky and historic to margaritas-in-the-sand hotspots. Zoom in on the demographic that calls your shore town home. Is your ocean chock full of surfers, rife with kids splashing on the tideline or teeming with partying singles?

Food carts or fine dining? Surfers or luxury shoppers? Define your beach.

As a Jersey Shore native, I’m no stranger to how a coastline’s attitude can alter from mile to mile.

Where I live in Point Pleasant, the summertime beach crowd is mostly made up of out-of-towners splashing around between visits to the boardwalk’s carnival games and rides. Head north, and you’ll find surfers’ hideaways, quaint shores with Victorian streetscapes and hip and happening Asbury Park. Go south and you’ll see a cluster of quintessential bungalow beaches before hitting Seaside Heights, where party crowds far outnumber families with young kids.

There’s a shore for everyone, so help your audience by explaining what’s to love about your particular beach. With vibrant detail in your beach rental listing you’ll attract the perfect renters: the kind who will enjoy their time at your home and leave happy!

After you’ve defined your beach, list some attractions that appeal to the target audience. Shout out the tiki bars, oceanview dining and dockside lounges if you want to attract couples and friends. Or make mention of the mini-golf, thrill rides and ice cream joints if you’re going for family-friendly.

The sun has to go down eventually, so keying into what goes on after surf and sand hours is a great way to show guests your destination isn’t a one-trick pony.

Capture the beach life.

Keep in mind the reasons people come to the beach in the first place! The pace is slower. The drinks are colder. The sun is brighter. The air is milder. Life’s little annoyances are less…annoying.

Okay, so if you live on or near a beach, you know this is not true 100% of the time. But even the illusion of the carefree beach life is enough to make beach vacations the destination of choice for 52% of travelers worldwide, according to Expedia.

Tap into that state-of-mind by making sure travelers know how easy it is to book with you. Don’t bombard them with rules, regulations, documents to sign, links to click, etc.

Of course, we understand that some of these documents are important, and some rules must be mentioned. But at least for the “getting-to-know-you” stage of the listing description, let guests know that their stress-free good time is a priority for you.

Show the goods.

Again: The best beach rentals are built to embody the breezy lifestyle that attracts travelers to the coast. How does yours stack up in terms of amenities?

It could be as grand as an infinity pool, an ocean-facing deck or a beachside Jacuzzi. Or it could be as simple as an outdoor shower for keeping the sand where it belongs, or a storage closet chock full of beach chairs and pool toys.

Whatever assets your home has to enhance a stay at the shore, be certain they make their way into your copy.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Paint a picture.

Chances are the person who knows your rental best is you. So take this opportunity to educate your potential guests on what life’s like at your home on any given day.

At Guest Hook, we call this the Day-in-the-Life approach. It means structuring your copy as a tour through a typical 24 hours at the property in question, and it can be especially effective in setting your beach rental apart from the crowd.

Will your guests be able to enjoy morning coffee on a porch or patio? How will they get to the beach in the afternoon – via foot, car or bike? Where will they head once the sun sets, and how will they wind down once they return for the night? Imagine the best day ever at your vacation rental, then put it in writing.

Now that you have wind in your sails, get to it. Guest Hook is here if you need a helping hand with creating your summer-ready rental copy!

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