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Hone your writing skills, strengthen your brand, and elevate your content marketing strategy. In our free webinars, we’ve covered topics that range from channeling the hospitality revolution into your vacation rental’s content to writing for the modern attention span. Check out recordings of past webinars below.

Branding for Good: Using your VR to Make a Difference

How are vacation rentalists making a positive impact on the world around them? And how can you incorporate your good will efforts into your marketing in a way that feels genuine and inspires others?

Prepping Your Listing for a Book-it-Now World

In an increasingly Instant Book world, how can you prepare your listing to be the best darned book-it-now candidate out there?

Naming Your Vacation Rental

Follow our tips and trick to create a name for your vacation rental that tells a story, embodies its spirit, and/or ties it to the community at large.

What’s a CTA and Why Should I Care?

Learn how to drive action—including bookings—by creating clear and effective calls-to-action that reflect your business’s brand voice.

Creating a PR Strategy for Your Vacation Rental

Build relationships and gain exposure by formulating a PR strategy for your vacation rental. Featuring Jessica Gillingham of Abode PR.

Spring Cleaning for Your Web Content

Gear up for peak season by revising and refreshing your web copy. Get some pointers on how to make your current content more exciting.

Owning Up To Your Vacation Rental’s Flaws

Whether it’s cramped quarters or airport noise, there’s no need to be ashamed of your rental’s flaws. Learn how to own them with honesty.

Content Marketing Boot Camp: Sharing Your Content

Gain an audience for your content and turn spectators into subscribers.  Featuring Matt Landau of Vacation Rental Marketing Blog.

Content Marketing Boot Camp: Writing Your Content

We tackle the pen-to-paper challenges of writing for your vacation rental, including handling short attention spans and establishing a voice.

Content Marketing Boot Camp: Planning Your Content

Learn how to fight procrastination and create an editorial calendar to guide your marketing efforts. Featuring Jess Ashworth of Lodgify.

Content Marketing Boot Camp: Defining Your Audience

What is content marketing, what can it do for your vacation rental, and how do you establish an audience to reach with your efforts?

Turn Booked Guests Into Your New Biggest Fans

Guest Hook chats with a guest experience guru about hospitality and smart content. Featuring Tammi Sims of A Gracious Host and Properly.

Is Your About Us/Owner Bio Selling You Short?

Talking about yourself can feel icky. Learn how to write a bio that feels authentic but also lands you more booking from great guests.

If Guests Don’t Read, Why Bother Writing?

Not every guest will read your words all the way through. Learn how to structure your content to appeal to a broad range of potential guests.

5 Key Pieces of Content Every VR Website Should Have

Your website content is your story. Make sure you’re not skipping any important chapters! Maximize your impact with these vital pieces of content.

5 Tips For Creating Your Own Brand Voice

Win guests over with your personality. Learn how to create a brand voice that’s true to you and speaks directly to your target audience.

Capture Your Guests’ Attention…and Keep It!

Learn strategies to grab your guests’ attention and keep them reading, and see examples of descriptions our clients have used to get more bookings.

Using Thumbnails and Headlines to Get More Clicks

Stand out on listing sites like Vrbo and Airbnb by pairing thumbnail photos with effective headlines. Featuring Tyann Marcink.

Engaging Content and SEO: Mutually Exclusive?

Drive traffic to your website and engage and inform guests with great content that converts.

Avoid Overselling Your Vacation Rental Listing

Headlines boasting GREAT DEALS don’t sell your listing. We’ll run through common overselling tactics and how to ditch them for more effective copy.

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