It’s a Team Effort: Looking at the Relationship Between Web Copy and Typefaces

At the risk of stating the obvious—there’s a lot that goes into creating a website for your vacation rental. But the best websites aren’t always the ones that are loaded with bells and whistles. They’re the ones where every element is harmonized.

It’s easy to think about your web content with the copy-and-paste mindset: just get something written, and get it live. But if you truly want to win over guests, you’ll need to put more care into it then that.

First, you need to craft well-written content that has something to offer for all relevant visitors to your site.

Then, you need to ensure you’ve made clear, informed typeface choices to ensure that your copy is legible and pleasing. Designer Pablo Stanley teaches us the golden rules in his widely circulated article, where he recommends keeping your line length around 45-90 characters, using a modular scale when choosing text sizes, paying attention to proper punctuation and avoiding using more than two typefaces.

Finally, you need to make sure that your design choices are working hand-in-hand with who you are and what you’re saying. In this post, we asked pros from across the industry what their strategies were for creating unity between brand, typeface and copy. Here’s what they had to say.

Choosing Typefaces to Match Your Brand

Carla, content strategist at Lodgify, weighs in on how to use content and typefaces to embody the spirit of your vacation rental company. Lodgify provides software and website templates designed specifically for vacation rental managers and owners.

What choices can a vacation rental owner/manager make to ensure their typeface suits their brand’s personality?

For owners, ensuring their typeface suits their brand’s personality may be a matter of trial and error to get it perfect, though there are definitely some things owners can bear in mind to eliminate unsuitable fonts from the start.

First off, it’s really important for owners to actually sit down and have a think about what exactly is their vacation rental brand‘s personality. Owners will need to decide what their business’ most prominent qualities are: serious/relaxed, trustworthy/fun, formal/informal, modern/old school, and so on. Thinking about their target market and how their potential guests would identify with these qualities can also help make the decision a lot easier.

There are different styles to be aware of (serif, sans serif, script and novelty), and within these styles, each typeface has its own character. So when you’re choosing, make sure the typefaces reflect the qualities that define your brand. If an owner wants their brand to be seen as professional and formal, it would be a mistake to choose a novelty font like Comic Sans. Likewise, if they are targeting a young, hip market, using an old-fashioned, outdated font would lose some of their appeal.

How would you define the relationship between web copy and typefaces? Should what your copy says affect how it looks?

In making the decision about which typefaces to use on a vacation rental website, owners also need to consider how these fonts will look elsewhere (like printed documents and social media) so the brand’s personality is united. The relationship between web copy and typefaces is extremely valuable and something all owners should think carefully about.

Your typeface choice can affect how long users will spend on your website–if it’s hard to read, they’ll leave. Plus, it can truly enhance a website’s copy and even boost booking conversion because it may just trigger the right emotions to get the guest in the vacation mood.

How to Build Trust with Type

Joanne, designer for Clanventure, talks about the decisions she made to make sure their website resonated with parents and offered quick access to information. Clanventure makes it easy to find unique, kid-inspired family vacation rentals.

What choices did you make to ensure your typeface suits your brand’s personality?

When developing the brand and the website, we knew our niche market was parents traveling with small children, and that the majority of the site visitors would be moms. We wanted modern and mainly sans-serif fonts that would be appealing and inviting to readers and help us be perceived as a website parents could trust.

How would you define the relationship between Clanventure‘s web copy and typefaces?

We knew the typefaces needed to be clean, fresh and not too busy. When parents visit our site, they need to be able to find information about the suitability of the home for their particular family, and they want to find it quickly. We didn’t want them to have to decipher loads of busy, decorative, noisy fonts to get to the facts.

Our web copy focuses on each home’s family friendly amenities and fun family outings nearby, and the modern fonts we use allow parents to see the message without distractions. The font used in the header of the website presents itself as being almost handwritten, which we thought added a personal touch to the site—another way to prove our trustworthiness to parents.

Conveying Elegance Legibly

Patrick, designer for Marquis Rentals, discusses how he selected his typeface to offer a high-end feel while remaining legible. Marquis Rentals offer hand-picked, luxury vacation rentals and thorough property management services.

What choices did you make to ensure your typeface suits your brand’s personality?

Marquis Rentals specializes in luxury vacation property rentals and high-quality guest experiences. The core of the brand’s visual identity required a modern font with elegance that could be utilized in a wide variety of mediums. Gotham was the perfect choice: a sans-serif with both hard edges and round sweeps and a comprehensive variety of weights and widths for applications from the web, to print and beyond. Thinner weights are used throughout for a consistent high-end feel that is simple, clean, airy and uncluttered.

How would you define the relationship between Marquis Rental’s web copy and typefaces?

The Gotham family is very legible at small sizes even with thin stems and crossbars, so it allows the Marquis Rentals visual experience to include large images that showcase the high-end properties the company is known for while using text as an accent. The text usage is both classical and modern: size and weight help determine visual hierarchy and drop caps are used to highlight important blocks of copy. Gotham has worked well for both headlines and body copy for Marquis Rentals due to its variety of weights that allow us to abstract similar visual cues into page elements when needed to bridge the gap from photo to text.

Whether your rental is a casual kid-friendly cottage or an ultra-luxury villa, nailing your website’s look, feel and content is key for attracting the right guests. If you’re looking for clear, personality-packed copy for your designer to work with, look no further than Guest Hook. Our team of professional writers will help you hone your message to create copy that drives guests towards booking.