3 Copywriting Strategies For Your Vacation Rental Website

Vacation Rental Website

Your vacation rental website is often the first thing potential guests will see when seeking out a place to stay. In order to nail your first impression, you’ll need a website that’s sleek, functional and appealing.

But you’ll also need copy that reels guests in and drives them towards booking. Try following these three strategies for proven success.

1. Tell a Story

Many guests turn to vacation rentals for a more human experience. Your website should make leads feel like they’re really getting to know you. How? With design that gives users an intimate glance at your properties, and copy that’s warm and engaging.

The most obvious opportunity to make this personal connection is in your About Us page. The key to nailing this copy is to be informative, genuine and unique in order to engage your readers and build their trust. Start by explaining what drew you to the industry and how your business began. Did you spend summers vacationing in your city as a child? Did you come here after an extensive career in another field?

After you fill your readers in on your background, you want them to know what makes you different. Likely dozens of companies claim to be the best rental business in your area. Stand apart from the crowd by clearly defining your strengths, and being specific about them.

Instead of just saying you specialize in family-friendly spaces, discuss how your thoughtful game rooms mean families can unwind together at the end of the day. Instead of boasting resort-style amenities, describe exactly the luxuries your guests can expect, whether it’s hot tubs under the stars or personal chefs to keep meal prep stress-free.

Copy is how you tell the best version of your story; design helps you tell it in the most intuitive and visually pleasing way possible.

2. Create an Experience

Pro photos and awesome design can work wonders when it comes to conveying the experience of staying at your rental. Copy offers you the opportunity to make an emotional appeal. Showing guests you have a pool is one thing – telling them the story of how they’ll splash into cool waters after a day making sandcastles on the beach is another.

To put it simply: photos show guests your property, copy instructs them on how they may experience what they see, and web design unites both elements.

3. Instruct and Inform

From navigation to call to action, your web designer works hard to make your site look and function its best. Every carefully placed button, header or contact form should feature equally awesome copy.

Your web elements are the perfect opportunity to infuse even more personality into your vacation rental website. With well-written copy, your site isn’t just easy to navigate – it’s fun. Having a customized thank you responder, relevant page titles and unique calls-to-action are all ways to add your own flair to your site.

Plus, copy allows you to make your point clearly. In a world with an ever-shortening attention span, it’s important that your website visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for. Good copy instructs them on where to go on the website to have all of their questions answered and needs met.

CiiRUS Website Solutions

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