5 Vacation Rental Listing Copywriting Hacks

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023

Writing your vacation rental listing description can be a chore. Frankly we love writing them, but we know that, for many, it’s a task rather than a passion!

Which is why we’ve created a simple 1-page infographic with 5 vacation rental listing copywriting hacks to get you motivated and inspired, as if you were part of the Guest Hook team of crazy VR-writing fanatics!

Whether you’re about to write your vacation rental listing site description from scratch, or whether you’re looking to refine it, our 5 copywriting hacks aim to help you focus.

None of these 5 hacks are particularly difficult to grasp. Instead they represent some of the quick wins that we’ve seen in our collective years of working in this industry.

#1: Be bold in your headline. If you scan the results of a listing site search you’ll notice the wide array of options available to a guest. Faced with choice your guest is likely to notice those that stand out. A unique and daring headline will capture their attention.

#2: Make your bio guest focused. We believe that stories and personal connections are the key to retaining the magic of this industry. Just be sure that they connect back to the guest experience.

#3: Marry your photos and captions. Photos certainly sell. But your captions can instruct a guest how to feel when viewing the image. Where you used to simply write “Backyard” you could consider “Home of BBQs, Bocce Ball & Firefly Chases.”

#4: Hit “Enter” a few more times. Faced with a giant wall of text your guest is likely to skip past most of it. Result? You’ve lowered your probability of them making an inquiry or booking. Shorten the paragraphs and keep your potential guest focused.

#5: Add personal pronouns. Don’t play the Four Seasons corporate card! Your guests are in the market for a vacation rental stay. Which means keeping it real with words like “we”, “us”, and “you”.

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