Vacation Rental Content Marketing Boot Camp Week 3: Writing Your Content

Content Marketing - Planning Your Content

In Week 3 of our New Year’s Content Boot Camp, we get down to business and tackle the pen-to-paper challenges: how do you structure your thoughts in a blog post? How do you write for notoriously short attention spans online? Is it okay to just “write how you speak”?

And what the heck is a brand voice?

We cover those topics and, as always, field some great questions from attendees along the way. Don’t miss the live critique section at the end, where we review some of our attendees’ own content (you should really see some of the amazing examples people sent us!) and provide our feedback.

Missed weeks 1 and 2? You can find week 1 here and week 2 here.

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Putting Pen to Paper: Writing Your Content

This webinar comes in at around 62 minutes, with many attendee questions along the way about their own vacation rental content marketing challenges.

To help you navigate to the specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction

02:14: Structuring Your Content
(check out Amanda’s Awesome Writing Prompts)

12:30: Writing For Short Attention Spans
(check out The Goldfish Trick)

18:45: Zeroing In on the Sentence Level

Q&A + Attendee Questions
34:35: Live critique of Sea Anemone Blog & Website
46:40: Live critique of South Costa Rica blog
53:50: Question: Do I have too many images on my blog?”
54:38: Question: How often should I blog?
55:55: Live critique of Mais Oui blog
57:58: Question: Should I leave the date off my blogs?
59:45: Question: How to I add a blog to my Lodgify website?

60:25: Next week “Say it Loud: Sharing Your Content” featuring guest panelist Matt Landau.

61:12 : Closing comments

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Each week we try to reserve at least half of the webinar for Q&A. We have fun fielding your challenging vacation rental marketing questions and giving (what we hope are) sensible/constructive answers on the spot! 

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