What’s In a Name? Choosing a Name for Your Vacation Rental

Written By: Conrad
Last Updated: September 8, 2023
Picking a name is key for branding your property.

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We spend hours pouring over names for our kids, and even our pets, because we know that a name is important. Names can tell about who we are and can give us a sense of identity. While it might not hold the same level of importance as naming a child or a pet, choosing a name for your vacation rental property is an excellent way to add value to the property. Naming your vacation home gives potential guests a glimpse into your property’s features and shows its personality from the get-go. 

Especially in areas with high vacation rental densities, your vacation rental’s name helps it stick out among the crowd. As potential guests are scrolling through all the options, a fun name will catch their eyes. Giving your rental a creative name makes it easier for guests to share with their friends. They’re more likely to remember that they stayed in a personalized name like Shades of Summer rather than just 225 West Street. 

If your guests often book through listing sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, they might know you as the “Airbnb host Mark”, but your property should have a unique name too! This is also true if you are a property manager or even have a real estate background (where you may be more used to just marketing the property based on the address) and are dipping your toes into short term rentals. 

Brainstorming the name of your vacation property can be hard! Too generic of a name may not trigger the memory of your guests while too long or hard to remember of a name can be forgotten too. 

Where do you start choosing vacation home names? A shorter name is easier to include on signage, on marketing materials and in headlines and property descriptions. Two to four words is ideal. 

Look at the special features your home offers and pick one that would really highlight the property and also make a great name. Your home’s location (beach, mountain or lake) is another good option to include in part of the name. You could even incorporate your family name into the name of your property. Many homeowners may also name their home based on their own interests or hobbies, especially if that ties into the property itself (for example: a fishing named property for an oceanfront house with poles included). 

Rhyming words and alliteration make for memorable property names. You can use words from other languages; for example, include Azul (Spanish for blue) or Belle (French for beautiful) as part of the name. Puns and plays on well-known sayings, songs and phrases are also an easy way to spice up a name. 

If you’re stuck coming up with something or don’t want to start from scratch, our team has compiled a list of property name ideas for different types of properties. From beach homes to mountain chalets to lake homes, here are some suggestions that might just be the perfect name for your property. 

These ideas below should be used for inspiration, not a copy/paste into your listing!

Beach House & Cottage Names

Salt on the Rim

Toes in the Sand

Beachy Vibes

Salt Hair, Don’t Care

Ridin’ the Waves

Fun in the Sun

Florida Fabulous 

Castaway Cabana

Completely Coastal

Starfish Seascape 

Seaside Sun and Fun


Rhapsody by the Sea

Mermaid Madness

The Ultimate Sandcastle

Seas the Day

Sunshine Daydream

Sea For Two

Coastal Cozy

Tis The Sea-Sun

Tide Down

Sea La Vie


Captain’s Cabin

The Jetty Joint


Shark Shack

Dune Our Thing

Mountain/Cottage/Cabin Names

Fresh Air Feelings

Mountain Memories

Happy Trails

Mountain Top High

Rocky Top Retreat

Log Cabin Luxury 

Hilltop Highs

Rest High on the Mountain

Adorondiak Awesome

Our Treehouse

Hippie Hideaway 

Alpine Getaway 

Snow Cap Serenity 

Fireside Chats

Wander the Wilderness

The Peak of Happiness

Top of the World

Mountain’s Majesty

Heavenly Horizons

Living on the Ledge

The Gingerbread House

Whiskey Mountain

The Misty Mountain

The Ice Princess

Hikers Hill

Changes in Altitude

Lake House Names

Lake Hair, Don’t Care

Lovin’ the Lake Life 

Redneck Yacht Club

Making Waves

Sunsets and Skiing

Lakeview Luxury

Endless Summer

Shoreside Secrets

Don’t Rock the Boat

Sunny Days

Soak up the Sun

Reel Good Time

Lake Therapy

Freshwater Fun

Pure Michigan

Off the Grid

Nature’s Nirvana

The Watering Hole

Rambling Waters

Reel Relaxing on the River

Fish Upon a Star

Trout and About

Bass Cove

Lake Daze

Wake Zone

A-Frame Absolute

Deer Ridge Escape 

The Lake House Estate 

“Other” Properties

Sip Sip Away

Family Funhouse

Flip Flops and Tank Tops

Secret Serenity 

Country Lovin’ 

Grand Getaway

Heavenly Hideaway 

Retirement Realized

Your Second Home

Our Happy Place

Sacred Stay

Welcome Home

Taco Tuesday

Pour One For Me

Ye Olde Vacation Home

The Great Escape

Sweet Retreat

Sweet Dreams

Nothing but the Best

The Host With the Most

Happy Harbour

Afterdune delight

Sandy Bottoms

A Wave From It All

Taking Vacation Home Branding To The Next Level

Your name is just the start! Once you’re live, consider adding branded merchandise to your property (a name plaque on the outside of the home is popular in many markets as well). Renters and guests will remember better when they’re exposed to your brand everywhere: the living room, the interior design and look and feel of your home all contribute to the overall brand experience. 

Once you’ve picked a brand you’re happy with, building a website and earning direct bookings is much easier, too! Do you need help building your property brand and direct booking strategy? Reach out to us.

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