Using Thumbnails and Headlines to Get More Clicks – Webinar Friday

thumbnails and headlines

Using Thumbnails and Headlines to Get More Clicks

Listing sites like HomeAway and Airbnb are crowded places. It’s tough to stand out, even if you’re near the top of the search page.

In this webinar we’ll provide some actionable tips on how to ensure your property has the best possible chance of landing clicks from potential guests.

BONUS: we’re excited to have Tyann Marcink – a professional photographer specializing in vacation rentals – as our guest on this webinar.  She live reviewed thumbnail photos, alongside headline critiques from Guest Hook’s own Jessica Vozel.

This webinar comes in at just under 50 minutes, with lots of advice you can start implementing today! To help you navigate to specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction
02:24: Tyann Marcink
05:29: Thumbnails: Encouraging Your Guests to Click
11:25: Recap: The 4 Key Principles
15:15: Headlines: Encouraging Your Guests to Click
19:32: A Review of Tyann’s VR Competitors
24:08: Live Critique: Gulf Front Alabama Condo
29:13: Live Critique: Tremont Villa
34:15: Live Critique: Silver Dollar City
39:23: Live Critique: Schaffer’s Mill Cabin
41:42: Live Critique: Camber Sands Beachside Bolthole
46:35: Live Critique: Casa De Las Brisas, Costa Rica (must see photo!)

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