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Vacation Rental Property Descriptions

Let’s face it: running a successful short term rental / vacation rental / Airbnb listing (whatever you want to call it 😂) is hard work!

Between marketing, cleaning, photography, copywriting, guest communications, dealing with cancellations, platform rules, guidebooks, rental agreements, interior design, and a million other things… putting the right time to fill out your listing perfectly just doesn’t make it to the top of your todo list.

You’ve probably felt the “blank cursor” feeling when you were setting up your property listing, and defaulted to talking about the location, the views and the square footage of your property.

Each and every day, there’s new listings FLOODING the market on popular short term rental platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. For example, look at Branson: around 1,400 other properties listed at the start of 2019. Today, there’s 4,500+ listings with more coming online each and every day.

The harsh truth is that to stand out from the crowd, you need to deliver a true 5-star guest experience AND you need to invest into your listing to make it really stand out. Photography is key, but what else can you do?

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