Turn Booked Guests Into Your New Biggest Fans with Tammi Sims – Webinar Friday

For many vacation rental owners and managers, a booking is the end goal. For the elite, though? It’s only the beginning.

In this week’s webinar, Guest Hook is thrilled to welcome Tammi Sims, Head of Community at Properly, hospitality guru at A Gracious Host, and advocate for above-and-beyond guest experiences. Guest Hook will chat with Tammi about the hospitality revolution and using smart content to turn your booked guests into your biggest fans.

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Turn Booked Guests Into Your New Biggest Fans – Q&A with Tammi Sims

This webinar comes in at around 60 minutes, with lots of great thoughts and ideas from Tammi. To help you navigate to the specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction
02:38: Tammi Simms, Head of Community at Properly
08:50: Guest Communication (get curious, special occasions, and brand voice)
17:25: Question: How do you respond to a negative review? (You can also read our blog on that very subject!)
20:22: Question: What is your approach to screening guests?
23:48: Question: How do you handle security concerns?

During the early section we promised to reference some great resources:
Evelyn Badia, The Hosting Journey
Noise Aware (Noise protection for short term and vacation rentals.)
Party Squasher (Keep your home safe from party disasters!)

25:09: Home Staging (Maslow, kitchens, welcome baskets, being personal, and more.)
41:01: The Role of Technology
46:53: Question: Do you let your guests know if you’re not able to welcome them personally?
48:02: Question: What is the purpose of having a camera on the door?
49:00: Guest Guide (the purpose of a guide, what to include, formats, etc.)
53:48: Personal Touches
58:05: Closing comments

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