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Dear Frustrated Host,

Let’s face it: running a successful short term rental / vacation rental / Airbnb listing (whatever you want to call it 😂) is hard work!

Between marketing, cleaning, photography, copywriting, guest communications, dealing with cancellations, platform rules, guidebooks, rental agreements, interior design, and a million other things… putting the right time to fill out your listing perfectly just doesn’t make it to the top of your todo list.

You’ve probably felt the “blank cursor” feeling when you were setting up your property listing, and defaulted to talking about the location, the views and the square footage of your property.

Each and every day, there’s new listings FLOODING the market on popular short term rental platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. For example, look at Branson: around 1,400 other properties listed at the start of 2019. Today, there’s 4,500+ listings with more coming online each and every day.

The harsh truth is that to stand out from the crowd, you need to deliver a true 5-star guest experience AND you need to invest into your listing to make it really stand out. Photography is key, but what else can you do?

Let me share with you how we can help you (and how we’ve helped hundreds of other hosts and managers since 2015)…

Here’s a few ways that improving your description can help build trust with prospective guests.

#1: Your description is where serious guests go to make sure your property is right for them. Pictures are worth 1,000 words: but your description is where 1,000 decisions are made IF the guest should or shouldn’t book your listing.


#2: A well crafted “about the host” mini-biography helps sell WHY a guest should book with you. Guests won’t fork over their hard-earned cash to someone who isn’t going to deliver a seriously good guest experience.


#3: Guests crave information that the photos DON’T show: What’s nearby? How responsive are you? What are the house rules they need to abide by? What’s NOT perfect about the property? 

But you weren’t born with a golden copywriting pen in your hand. You don’t have the time to invest into reading long poetry and applying the right words into your listing.
So it’s no wonder that writing your own description didn’t fill you with joy every time you read it! It’s no wonder that everyone else makes it look so easy, while you struggle to move your listing UP in the rankings across Vrbo and Airbnb…
Until now, that is!

Introducing: The Starter Package

Level up your property description, host bio and photo captions with our professional copywriters.

Here’s what you get with The Guest Hook Starter Package:

  1. Brand-new professionally written Guest Hook property description (use on Airbnb, Vrbo, other listing sites AND your own website). Our descriptions have been used on hundreds of listings to improve bookings and generate more “ready to book” guests.
  2. An “about the host” bio to tell your story: who’s the host behind the stay? No guest wants to book with a “mystery” host that doesn’t have a bio. Share your story and connect with your guest!
  3. Engaging photo captions for up to 40 photos: more than ever, it is critical that you write photo captions. The latest Airbnb update (Spring/Summer 2022) places a high value on properly captioned photos on your listing.
  4. BONUS: The Pro Host Template Pack: a full set of “fill in the blank” templates for your full hosting experience.

Look, you can do this yourself: many have tried. But it’s not likely that you are a professional copywriter. To get the most out of your property, an outside perspective about how to position and sell your listing to prospective guests is key.

The Starter Package has everything you need to level up your listing with our detailed 9-section property description, about the host section and photo captions for 40 of your high resolution photos.

Our property descriptions allow you to have a complete listing on the major short term rental platforms. Airbnb recommends that you create a story, telling the guest what to expect in your property and not just rely on photos (no matter how high resolution they are).

Our “about the host” bio lets us tell your story in a dynamic and relatable way. No one wants to book “just a property”: guests want to book an experience from a host. Tell your story and connect with your guests.

But You Don’t Have To Take Our Word for It. Instead, Just Look At A Few Hosts We've Worked With

Intake Form Unlocked Immediately | Money Back Guarantee

Take The Guesswork Out Of Making Your Airbnb / Vrbo Listing The BEST For Your Ideal Guest

Are YOU ready to WOW your guests before they ever set foot in the front door?

Here’s a peek at what you get when you order now: 

Intake Form Unlocked Immediately | Money Back Guarantee

Here’s What’s Included...

Part I: Vacation Rental / STR / Description

VALUE: $249

Part II: "About The Host" Biography Section

VALUE: $49

VALUE: $49

Part III: Photo Captions (Up To 40 Photos)

VALUE: $49

How Much Does The Starter Package Cost?

You’ve seen services and products that promise more bookings that charge upwards of $1,000, $2,000 or even more.

And many of those services DON’T have a money-back guarantee.

But The Guest Hook Starter Package doesn’t cost that much. Not even close…


A single booking likely earns you $300, $800, or even thousands of dollars depending on your average nightly daily rate. 

Capture all you can with a professional description, host and photo captions written by Guest Hook.

If you act now, your investment is just $299, even including a FREE bonus: The Pro Host Template Pack.

Our BONUS: Get The Pro Host Template Pack Included for FREE

If you order now, you’ll get a FREE upgrade to include The Pro Host Template Pack at no extra charge.

The Pro Host Template Pack has a value of over $500 of templates, checklists and resources. 

Note: The Pro Host Template Pack is a Canva Template. A FREE Canva account is required to access.

Intake Form Unlocked Immediately | Money Back Guarantee

Our Guest Hook Guarantee 🔐

If you’re not completely satisfied with your description, host and photo captions after 3 revisions with our professional copywriter, we’ll refund you in full. Every penny of the purchase price is not at risk. We’re making this guarantee because we know that once you see the property description, you’ll know your listing has been upgraded, and the impressions guests will have once they see your listing will earn you more bookings.

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Intake Form Unlocked Immediately | Money Back Guarantee

P.S. Go ahead and look around, because you won’t find a better way to level up your property description, and that’s a promise! So order risk-free right now. You’ll earn more bookings for your property.

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