If Guests Don’t Read, Why Bother Writing? – Webinar Friday

The bad news: only 16% of potential guests will read to the very end of your blog posts, web content and property descriptions. Unfortunately, that means many of your carefully chosen words likely go unnoticed.

But the good news? Guests don’t have to read every word in order to make a decision to book with you.

Watch our Friday Webinar and learn how to structure your content for maximum engagement…and reach everyone from busy skimmers to in-depth info-seekers.

As with all our webinars, we devote most of the air time to questions and live critiques of some attendees’ websites.

If you’d like to attend our future webinars and (optionally!) have your own content critiqued by us, please head over to the Webinar Friday page where you can sign up. 

This Week’s Webinar: If Guests Don’t Read, Why Bother Writing?

This webinar comes in at around 51 minutes, with lots of advice you can start implementing today! To help you navigate to the specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction
02:05: Skimmers vs. In-depth Readers
04:57: 3 Tips For Creating Content All Your Guests Read
16:22: Question: What’s our view on the Airbnb listing structure?
19:50: Live Critique: Tropical Paradise Villa
30:50: Live Critique: Airbnb Apartment in Greece
34:54: Question: Is there a golden rule when writing Airbnb’s short summary?
37:25: Question: Airbnb photos: how many should I include and which ones?
40.09: Using Wordle to extract the most important words guests use in their reviews
41:31: Live Critique: Sea Ranch Abalone Bay
50:04: Closing comments

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