Guest Hook’s (Free!) Webinar Friday Series

Stumped by SEO? Hounded by headlines? Puzzled by property descriptions?

Alliteration aside, Guest Hook is here to help you create compelling copy and content for your vacation rental business…and end your week on a high note with our Free Webinar Friday series. Missed the live version? Relax! We’ve loaded all our episodes here. Set aside 30 – 50 minutes for each episode to start learning.

Capture Your Guests’ Attention…and Keep It – Webinar Friday

2016-12-17T09:38:31+00:00 By |Webinar Friday|

Capture your guests' attention...and keep it! Capture Your Guests' Attention...and Keep It! Guest Hook often fields the question, "Do guests read property descriptions?" From our experience, the answer is yes. But you have to employ some strategies to make sure they do. During this webinar we talk about how you grab a guest's attention and keep them reading to learn more about what your property has to offer. We also show you a couple of descriptions that our own clients have used to generate more bookings. Live critique! As usual we run a live critique at the end of the webinar, this [...]

Using Thumbnails and Headlines to Get More Clicks – Webinar Friday

2016-12-17T09:38:31+00:00 By |Webinar Friday|

Using Thumbnails and Headlines to Get More Clicks Listing sites like HomeAway and Airbnb are crowded places. It's tough to stand out, even if you're near the top of the search page. In this webinar we'll provide some actionable tips on how to ensure your property has the best possible chance of landing clicks from potential guests. BONUS: we're excited to have Tyann Marcink - a professional photographer specializing in vacation rentals - as our guest on this webinar.  She live reviewed thumbnail photos, alongside headline critiques from Guest Hook's own Jessica Vozel. This webinar comes in at just under 50 minutes, with lots of [...]

Engaging Content and SEO: Mutually Exclusive? – Webinar Friday

2016-12-17T09:38:31+00:00 By |Webinar Friday|

Engaging Content and SEO: Are They Mutually Exclusive? We're often asked, "Do you write with SEO in mind?" It's a misunderstood subject. At the heart of the question is this: is the goal to drive traffic to your website, or to engage and inform guests with great content that converts? And are these goals mutually exclusive? (Short answer: nope!) In this webinar with Conrad O'Connell, we'll break down SEO's challenges and provide you with some concrete steps to aid in the tricky task of balancing solid SEO with compelling content. This is our longest webinar yet, clocking in at nearly 53 minutes, but it's packed with great info. If you're [...]

Avoid Overselling Your Vacation Rental Listing – Webinar Friday

2016-12-17T09:38:31+00:00 By |Webinar Friday|

Are you overselling your vacation rental listing? You know what we're talking about. Those listing headlines that are ALL CAPS with plenty of DEALS and DISCOUNTS. Ugh! In this webinar we'll run through some common overselling tactics we're seeing in vacation rental headlines and descriptions. We'll then show some examples of excellent headlines, explaining what makes them so effective. At the end of the webinar we live critique some headlines and descriptions that a few brave attendees submitted. This webinar is around 23 minutes long. To help you navigate to specific parts that interest you, here's a content list with the [...]