Want to Create Better Marketing? Get to Know Your Guests.

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From your inbox to your social media feeds, there are a lot of companies out there competing for your attention. In all that noise, you may often feel like you’re wading past ads and content that you have no interest in. But have you ever had the experience of opening a newsletter, or seeing a sponsored post on Facebook, that feels like it’s speaking directly to you? Often, that feeling is the result of a personalized content campaign—and it’s entirely intentional. So what exactly is personalized content? Our friends at GatherContent tell us it “starts when you use what you know [...]

The Property Manager Roadmap for Becoming a Destination Expert

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Amy Hinote of VRM Intel recently published an editorial that’s lighting up the vacation rental world. In it, she discusses the top of the funnel—the way in which guests begin the booking process—and if that “intro” to vacation rentals is open to anyone but OTAs. Even when guests book directly, do they do so after finding the listing on an OTA first? Are the big listing sites where all guests begin their booking journey? And if that’s the case, how can property managers even begin to compete with OTAs? One way, Hinote smartly concludes, is through “destination oriented marketing and [...]

The Guest Hook of the Future

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In the coming weeks, you might notice some big changes on our website and in our service offerings. Guest Hook is excited to announce that we’re expanding and growing. Since our inception as the web’s first vacation rental-specific copywriting agency, we’ve had the pleasure of working with forward-thinking homeowners and property managers to create thoughtful copy that drives guests towards a booking. Now, we’re adding branding and content marketing services to help you hook even more guests and evolve with the industry. Here’s why. We’re looking towards the future. Vacation rentals aren’t like other accommodations: they’re as unique as [...]

6 Ways to Advertise Your Vacation Rental to the One that Got Away

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Second chances aren’t just lucky—they’re a crucial part of landing bookings. For a majority of guests, the booking process is not straightforward. In fact, the average traveler visits 38 sites before making a decision. That’s a lot of daydreaming, internet surfing, and, unfortunately, forgetting. You don’t want to be among the businesses that slip from the minds of potential guests. It also means that travelers won’t necessarily book your rental the first time they stumble upon your website. But you got their attention once. There are plenty of ways to get it again. Here are some of our favorite ways to [...]

Making Your Vacation Rental Business #BookDirect Ready

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It’s the inaugural Guest Education Day, a day for property managers to band together and educate travelers about the perks of booking direct on a property manager’s website. At Guest Hook, we’re excited to watch PMs and other VR pros find new ways to diversify away from listing sites and take greater control of their business model! So, you have a bookings-enabled website for your property management company. How can you use it to really compete with the big listing sites and increase your direct bookings? In short, you have to get friendly—and get found. You have to leverage search engine [...]

The Anatomy of an Awesome Vacation Rental Newsletter

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Vacation rental newsletters: worth doing, but only if you do them right. Send out a shoddy newsletter, and there might be consequences. Best case scenario, it goes ignored, or attracts a few readers (if you’re lucky). Worst case scenario, your readers view you as spammy or unhelpful, make a beeline for the “unsubscribe” button, and forget your business exists. But done well, your newsletter offers a chance to drive bookings, build your brand, and establish yourself as an area expert. Learn from our example vacation rental newsletter below. Punchy Subject Line How many emails have you gotten with [...]

2018: The Year of Laser Focus for Vacation Rental Marketing

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From genealogy getaways to spiritual escapes, you’ll find a common thread through 2018’s predicted travel trends: they’re all about achieving something. In the above examples, it’s a deeper understanding of familial background and origin. Or self-discovery and a sense of peace. Regardless of what travelers are setting out to achieve, the vacation rentalists that will succeed the most in the coming year are the ones who have the same drive towards accomplishment. 2018 will be the year of laser focus. The most impactful vacation rental marketing will come from a place of purpose—like strengthening a brand identity or attracting new guests. More [...]

Mapping Your Content for the 4 Stages of Vacation

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This post is part two of a two-post series on vacation rental content that reaches guests throughout their entire booking journey. In our first post, we laid the foundation for a multi-step content marketing strategy. In this post, we’ll offer actionable ways to engage with guests at every step. In preparation for the busiest booking season of the year, Guest Hook is here to give vacation rentalists a two-part primer on the 4 Stages of Vacations and how you can use them to boost your bookings. Don’t rely on one-size-fits all marketing; grab guests at all stages, from Daydreaming [...]

Creating Vacation Rental Content for Every Step of the Guest Journey

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This post is part one of a two-post series on vacation rental content that reaches guests throughout their entire booking journey. In this post, we lay the foundation for a multi-step content marketing strategy. In part two, we focus on the four stages of vacation, and offer actionable ways to engage with guests at every step. You introduce yourself to strangers with a handshake—not by launching into your full life story. Likewise, you should greet potential guests on your website in a way that’s consistent with how well they know you. The most successful vacation rental brands have content [...]