Why Stories Matter: Five Takeaways from Vacation Rental Success Summit 2017

2017-05-15T19:07:11-04:00By |Friends of Guest Hook|

At Guest Hook, we’re big fans of the Vacation Rental Success Summit. And not just because its organizers, Heather and Mike Bayer, are great people (though they most definitely are).   We get excited to attend and present at VRSS because the event (which was held May 7th and 8th at the swanky BMO Institute in Toronto this year) perfectly balances looking backwards and forwards. The VRSS crew is not afraid of the industry’s rapid changes. They share and soak up as much info as they can about smart home technologies, digital marketing, and what listing site dominance spells [...]

It’s a Team Effort: Looking at the Relationship Between Web Copy and Typefaces

2017-03-09T16:13:39-05:00By |Copywriting Tips, Friends of Guest Hook|

At the risk of stating the obvious—there’s a lot that goes into creating a website for your vacation rental. But the best websites aren’t always the ones that are loaded with bells and whistles. They’re the ones where every element is harmonized. It’s easy to think about your web content with the copy-and-paste mindset: just get something written, and get it live. But if you truly want to win over guests, you’ll need to put more care into it then that. First, you need to craft well-written content that has something to offer for all relevant visitors to your [...]

How Your Listing Description and Title Affect Your Price

2016-12-17T09:38:32-05:00By |Friends of Guest Hook|

In the first of our guest blog series, we asked our friends over at Beyond Pricing to give us their perspective on how (or even if) your vacation rental's marketing copy affects the price you can charge... Over at Beyond Pricing, we help vacation rental owners automatically optimize their prices to make as much from their listing. As we always tell our owners, we price what we’re given. If a listing has bad furniture or a poorly-worded title, we’ll see that in the decreased interest their listing gets and the resulting lower price they’ll need to charge in order to [...]