Boot Camp Week 4: Sharing Your Content with Matt Landau

Content Marketing - Planning Your Content

In Week 4 of our New Year’s Content Boot Camp, we talk to Matt Landau about how to master a content strategy for your vacation rental and the best methods for sharing the content you’ve created.

We talked about why a solid email list is a vacation rental owner’s best friend, how to change spectators into subscribers using social media, and ways to get your rental in front of a new audience for pennies a day on Facebook.

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Say It Loud: Sharing Your Content with Matt Landau

This webinar comes in at around 69 minutes. Yep, it’s a long one, but Matt has such great advice and ideas that we simply couldn’t shrink it!

To help you navigate to the specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:
(video is at the end of the minute markers)

00:00: Introduction
– Webinar intro: how it works
– Matt Landau intro (including his fence jumping accident…)

05:46: Generating Organic Traffic
– What’s the point of a website if you can’t generate organic traffic?
– Matt’s concept of “Landmarking”
– Listing Site Independence Framework
– Content is simply advice!
– Help don’t sell is for 80% of your guests. So do it efficiently.

17:10: Setting The Context
– The 80/20 rule with cupcakes!
– Sustainable owners and managers focus on the habits necessary to reach their goals
– Make saving time the 1st phase/goal of your website content strategy
– Make credibility the 2nd phase/goal of your website content strategy
– Your potential guest is a SSSclient (no that’s not a typo!) 

28:54: Sharing on Social Media
– Commit to learning about the different platforms even if you hate social media!
– A brief look at Facebook targeting
– Twitter is sometimes like talking to your coffee cup!
– Cupcakes again 🙂
– Commit to a habit but don’t freak out about social media!
– Social media can be your landmark

46:38: Sharing With Your Email List
– The subscriber in SSSclient
– Email marketing is the best $ for $ investment
– The email list as your rolodex
– Formal or casual in your email marketing tone/style?
– Push people to your website? Or keep them in the email? 

58:57: Sharing by Partnering
– Focus on the substance your own work
– Partners will come organically in time

64:04: Success Stories
– Property Manager Florin Nemes
– Owner Rick Oster

67:38: Closing comments

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