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How to Localize Your Vacation Rental Property

2016-12-17T09:38:34+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips|

What does it mean to localize your vacation rental property? Why do we believe it's a fundamental part of your vacation rental marketing strategy? Take a look at these real reviews from guests who have experienced the simple things. No bells and whistles, no fireworks, just simple, easy experiences: “Susan's recommendations for restaurants were right on. We had a beautiful dinner at Latitudes. It was just a perfect night, with great food and an accommodating wait staff. The first thing they said to us was..."Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!" We were so glad Susan recommended it. It couldn't have been more [...]

The Trust Series Part Three: What is Your Vacation Rental Truth?

2016-12-17T09:38:34+00:00 By |Trust|

It struck me twice in 24 hours. The first time was yesterday morning, whilst chatting to a friend of mine, who said: "All facts are truth, but not all truths are facts." The second time was this morning reading a thread on Matt Landau's vacation rental group. In responding to the increased competition they are facing, one of the members, Sherry, said: "We have decided we are going to not only survive. We are going to do WELL. We have some surprises for our guests." The concept is simple: many vacation rental owners will compete on facts, but only the [...]

The Trust Series Part Two: Showcase Your Vacation Rental Company’s Safety Record

2016-12-17T09:38:34+00:00 By |Trust|

This week, a powerful piece of journalism appeared in Medium—and it’s relevant for everyone in the rapidly changing vacation rental industry. The piece, Living and Dying on Airbnb, tells the tragic story of a fallen tree branch at an Airbnb rental, and the resulting untimely death of a guest—the author’s father—one Thanksgiving morning in Texas. Devastatingly, this tree was a selling point of the property. The Airbnb description said, in the owners’ words, I always feel a sense of peace when I look out at the yard. It’s a story of how things can change in an instant—a selling point [...]

4 Vacation Rental Websites Creating Killer Content

2016-12-17T09:38:34+00:00 By |Uncategorized|

Guest Hook just returned from the “conference circuit”—the VRMA in New Orleans and the last HomeAway Summit of the year, in Austin. Along with finally meeting good friends in person, we’re feeling super-energized and pensive (in a good way). At these events, we listened to many owners and property managers explain their struggles with creating good vacation rental website content—listing site descriptions, blogs, newsletters, and more… And we discovered many owners/managers fall into one of two camps. Well, three camps. 1. Those with no time to write. Property managers and owners are busy people. And crafting the right words takes [...]

The Trust Series Part One: The Address/Redress Principle for Vacation Rental Copywriting

2017-03-24T18:04:49+00:00 By |Trust|

If you’re an active vacation rental owner in charge of your own marketing, you’ll easily write 10,000 words about your rental this year. Add in an active blog, or more than one property, and that number might inch toward 25,000 words… even 50,000. (For perspective, the average novel is 65,000 words!) When you add up all your vacation rental marketing and communications—all those social media posts, blogs, newsletter, insider guides, online listings, inquiry response emails and more—what do you get? Aside from a novel’s worth of words? Hopefully, you get words that communicate two key messages: That your rental [...]

5 Vacation Rental Listing Copywriting Hacks

2016-12-17T09:38:35+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips|

Writing your vacation rental listing description can be a chore. Frankly we love writing them, but we know that, for many, it's a task rather than a passion! Which is why we've created a simple 1-page infographic with 5 vacation rental listing copywriting hacks to get you motivated and inspired, as if you were part of the Guest Hook team of crazy VR-writing fanatics! Whether you're about to write your vacation rental listing site description from scratch, or whether you're looking to refine it, our 5 copywriting hacks aim to help you focus. None of these 5 hacks are particularly difficult [...]

Q&A With Jessica Vozel, Co Founder of Guest Hook

2016-12-17T09:38:35+00:00 By |Uncategorized|

We’re always advocating a more personal approach in vacation rental marketing. Guests are more likely to book when they see the real person behind the listing. It's all about trust! Why should Guest Hook be any different, then? No reason at all. And so we asked some of our clients to come up with 5 meaty questions to put to the team behind the Guest Hook badge. The questions weren’t easy to answer, but it was a lot of fun! First up is Jessica Vozel… As an experienced travel writer specializing in vacation rental copywriting, Jessica co-founded Guest Hook in April 2015 with Andy [...]

How to Stand Out in the 2015/16 Ski Rental Market

2016-12-17T09:38:35+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips|

Have you ever heard the saying “There are as many ski rentals as there are snowflakes on the mountain?” Okay, that saying doesn’t actually exist. But it could. If you’re in the ski rental business, you know just how many options skiers have when they want to book a trip. From luxury chalets to classic cabins to ski-in/out condos, ski mountains everywhere are full of your competition. The challenge for your most-successful ski season in 2015/16 is setting yourself apart. Whether you’re a management company with hundreds of rental units, or a skier yourself with just one condo you want [...]

Dinosaur or Millennial – Who is the Modern Vacation Rental Guest?

2017-04-12T18:44:51+00:00 By |Uncategorized|

It seems every time I fire up my inbox, there’s a blog post or discussion about attracting millennials to your vacation rental. What is it about these modern super-humans, born somewhere between 1982 and 2000, that attracts so much discussion? In part, the fascination is because they came of age with the Internet—or, in some cases, never knew life without it. That makes a difference when it comes to how they interact with the world, say the experts. But what about the way they travel, and what they value in their travel experience? Are they actually any different from your [...]