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Why Stories Matter: Five Takeaways from Vacation Rental Success Summit 2017

2017-05-15T19:07:11-04:00By |Friends of Guest Hook|

At Guest Hook, we’re big fans of the Vacation Rental Success Summit. And not just because its organizers, Heather and Mike Bayer, are great people (though they most definitely are).   We get excited to attend and present at VRSS because the event (which was held May 7th and 8th at the swanky BMO Institute in Toronto this year) perfectly balances looking backwards and forwards. The VRSS crew is not afraid of the industry’s rapid changes. They share and soak up as much info as they can about smart home technologies, digital marketing, and what listing site dominance spells [...]

Words to Avoid in Your Vacation Rental Listing Description

2016-12-17T09:38:30-05:00By |Copywriting Tips|

Andy and I faced a challenge this past week at the Vacation Rental World Summit in Barcelona (our lives are so tough, aren’t they?): Speak about copy and content before a crowd of 100 vacation rental owners, managers and vendors. At 3PM. Immediately following a two-hour lunch. That included paella, wine, and cheesecake. I joked that it was a familiar scenario for me, a former college writing instructor who had to learn how to keep a tough audience awake. But our worries were unfounded: we underestimated this crowd of engaged, motivated, and in fact, very awake people. (Aside from one [...]

How Your Listing Description and Title Affect Your Price

2016-12-17T09:38:32-05:00By |Friends of Guest Hook|

In the first of our guest blog series, we asked our friends over at Beyond Pricing to give us their perspective on how (or even if) your vacation rental's marketing copy affects the price you can charge... Over at Beyond Pricing, we help vacation rental owners automatically optimize their prices to make as much from their listing. As we always tell our owners, we price what we’re given. If a listing has bad furniture or a poorly-worded title, we’ll see that in the decreased interest their listing gets and the resulting lower price they’ll need to charge in order to [...]

Logic vs. Creativity in Vacation Rental Marketing

2016-12-17T09:38:32-05:00By |Uncategorized|

At Guest Hook, we've found that many of our vacation rental clients fit one of two profiles when it comes to marketing: The Logicians who want to just give potential guests the facts about the rentals. No “flowery” stuff! And... The Creatives who want their property descriptions and photography to have more panache – an emotional appeal, a lush description of a sunset, a striking photo. We can break down the demographics a bit more, too: Property managers tend to be more logical – they study ROI, demographics, the science of marketing. Individual owners, on the other hand, want to find the [...]

Why Most Unique Selling Points Aren’t Actually Unique

2017-10-02T11:36:53-04:00By |Learning Hub|

For your vacation rental to stand out, it must have a standout feature. But many times when owners and property managers identify a unique selling point for a rental, it isn’t really so unique after all. Many homeowners in the Disney area, for example, market their swimming pool, their proximity to Disney World, and their free WiFi. This is totally relevant information for guests to have, of course. They want the pool; they want to be close to the parks; they want WiFi so kids can crash on the sofa with their iPads and their favorite Disney shows. Don’t [...]

What is Your Vacation Rental Brand?

2016-12-17T09:38:32-05:00By |Learning Hub|

Over Memorial Day weekend, we threw a bachelorette party for my friend Lisa in Sonoma, California. (Sorry, it won’t be that kind of story. What happens in Sonoma...) Before the trip, a group of us – nine women from various eras of Lisa’s life - were tasked with finding the perfect wine country vacation rental. We needed a place that could sleep at least 10 people. On Memorial Day weekend. (Would you believe that’s not an easy thing to do? Who would have thought!) Otherwise, we based our decision on what Lisa would love. Many of us in the group [...]

Why Copywriting Matters in the Vacation Rental Industry

2016-12-17T09:38:32-05:00By |Learning Hub|

As a vacation rental owner or manager, you’re destined to write many words about your rental (and your rental’s town or city) in the coming months or – depending on your goals – years.   Even if you keep your marketing efforts light, you will at the very least exchange emails with guests, respond to guest reviews, and write a property description for your rental’s online listing. At least. More advanced folks will blog, send newsletters, writer insider guides, craft social media posts, and more. (But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) All of those words – even if you [...]

6 Excellent Questions from the Vacation Rental Success Summit

2016-12-17T09:38:32-05:00By |Uncategorized|

Did you miss the first-ever Vacation Rental Success Summit? Be sure to pre-order your video recordings of the workshops and keynotes here. Guest Hook’s workshop taught owners and managers how to develop a “brand voice” and use it across all their copy and content to reach their ideal guests. Check it out! Now, onto a few of our favorite copy-related questions from the VRSS:  1. What’s the deal with keywords? The role of keywords has shifted entirely since the days of “keyword stuffing” – that is, jamming the same search terms into your webpage, over and over, in hopes of boosting your [...]

Vacation Rental Listing Description: What to Leave OUT

2016-12-17T09:38:33-05:00By |Copywriting Tips|

Behind every right word are 1,000 wrong ones. Somewhere between “huge wall of text” and “one sentence” is the sweet spot for the length your vacation rental listing description. A great target is to aim for roughly 300 or 400 words, especially if those words are broken up into clear sections with sub-headers to help the busy travel planner easily digest your info. As you can imagine, those 300 words are valuable! How do you make the most of them? There are the obvious elements to include: Your unique selling points Breakdown of bed arrangements and number of bathrooms How [...]