Is Your About Us/Owner Bio Selling You Short? – Webinar Friday

Did you know that About Us pages are often the most frequently visited page on a website? And that your listing site Owner Bio really can make a difference in your bookings?

We know: talking about yourself can be awkward. But we’re here to help you get over the ickiness! Watch this week’s webinar (video below) and learn how to write a bio that feels authentic but also does good work for landing you more bookings from great guests.

As with all our webinars, we devote most of the air time to questions and live critiques of some attendees’ websites.

If you’d like to attend our future webinars and (optionally!) have your own content critiqued by us, please head over to the Webinar Friday page where you can sign up. 

Is Your About Us/Owner Bio Selling You Short?

This webinar comes in at around 53 minutes, with lots of advice you can start implementing today! To help you navigate to the specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction
01:48: Does Anyone Actually Care Who I Am?
05:30: How to Create an About Us/Owner Bio that Works
18:18: Live Critique Time: Four Seasons Lodge
23:11: Live Critique Time: Mais Oui (Make it Jamaica)
26:18: Live Critique Time: iTrip Vacations Keystone
31:19: Live Critique Time: Costa Rica HomeAway Listing (Ellen Samiec)
37:22: Question: How would you write your host profile for the Airbnb community vs HomeAway?
39:00: Live Critique Time: Greg Spyro (Airbnb Host Profile)
44:04: Preview of webinar with Tammi Sims
45:28:Live Critique Time: Orlando insider Vacations
49:43: Question: Does the about us need to repeat information mentioned elsewhere on my website?
52:27: Closing comments

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