5 Spring Cleaning Strategies for Your Vacation Rental Copy

Break out the mops and brooms—but don’t forget your laptop. Spring is also the perfect time to re-evaluate (and reinvigorate) your marketing efforts before peak season hits.

So once you’ve scrubbed your floors, flipped your mattresses and steam-cleaned the drapes, set aside some time for giving your listing description and website content some TLC, too.

Here’s how.

First decide if you need a deep cleaning.

The old saying holds true—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If your website and listing are easy to skim and enjoyable to read, and you’re happy with the state of your booking calendar, you might not need to make big changes to your copy.

But if your website analytics are turning up high bounce rates, or guests seem to be having a hard time finding the information they seek, it’s time to give your words some attention.

Have a goal in mind before you get started: Are you aiming to give your listing and website copy more personality? Grab the attention of skimmers? Improve the information you offer?

Avoid going overboard by setting an objective and creating a game plan that achieves it.


Manage your clutter.

Check to make sure your web copy and listing description haven’t become the equivalent of a cluttered garage. That is: packed with way too much stuff (information) in the form of a thick wall of text, super-long paragraphs/sentences, or dozens of bullet points.

You may have heard of Marie Kondo’s KonMari method for de-cluttering your home: Only keep the things that bring you joy.

Take that same method and apply it to your rental’s copy. Determine what about your rental will bring guests joy — and make those features focus of both your listing description and website. After that, include your need-to-know details like bed and bath configuration. Then delete the rest.

Here are three more quick tips for tackling copy clutter:

  • Break up big walls of text into shorter paragraphs, and (on your website) bold key phrases to catch the attention of skimmers.
  • Use subheaders to direct guests through your copy. Bonus if the subheaders capture your unique selling points. For example, “A POOL WITH A VIEW” would be a fitting subheader to go above a section that describes the ocean-view infinity pool at your rental.
  • Ask yourself if each page of your website has a clear purpose—like describing accommodations, introducing guests to the location, or establishing your host personality—and decide whether each paragraph on the page serves that purpose.


Freshen up.

Did you add any standout new features this year? Tell your guests about them. That means mentioning new offerings on your services page, changing listing descriptions to reflect design updates, and adding new team member bios to your About Us section of your website.

Remember: even if your rental hasn’t changed, your destination has. Be sure that every business or attraction you’ve included in your location information is still up-and-running, and take time to mention new hot spots that may have opened—either in your evergreen copy or with a new blog post.


Strengthen your brand.

Have you de-cluttered and freshened up? Don’t go anywhere yet—there’s still work to be done. The heavy lifters can use this time to determine their brand voice and make it shine through their web copy.

At Guest Hook, three is the magic number. We like to create a list of three attributes that best reflect our clients’ brands and keep those in mind while writing all of their copy. When selecting these traits, one of the main factors we consider is the type of guests that most frequently book our clients’ rentals.

If you’re bringing in the family crowd, consider adding some playfulness to your copy by including some light humor and making your tone conversational. On the flip side, if you’ve been reeling in discerning clientele, consider making your copy more refined by cutting the fluff and weaving in sophisticated adjectives.


Show it off.

Once you’ve given your website or listing new life, don’t forget to share it with the world. With prime booking season just around the corner, use your updates as a reason to reach out to your social media followers and email list (if applicable).

Whether it’s sending out a newsletter to invite past guests to check out your rentals’ latest additions or new family-friendly attitude, or crafting a Facebook post that shouts out up-and-coming local businesses and links to your location page, your refreshed website should provide plenty of chances for engaging outreach.

Need a hand getting your web copy in order? Guest Hook is here to help. Drop us a line today to see how we can help you make your vacation rental website’s copy shine this spring.