5 Key Pieces of Content Every VR Website Should Have – Webinar Friday


5 Key Pieces of Content Every VR Website Should Have

Your website content is your story. The story of you, your vacation rental business, and the place your guests (temporarily) call home. Make sure you’re not skipping any important chapters!

We’ll talk about the 5 key pieces of content that your website needs to engage guests… and build a web presence that helps set you free from reliance on listing sites.

As with all our webinars, we devote most of the air time to a live critique of attendees’ websites. This week we reviewed 4 websites: Anna Maria Island Home Rental, Beside the Sea, Casal Dei Fichi, and Perdido Dream. Thanks Nancy, Richard, Bob, and Sheila!

If you’d like to attend our future webinars and (optionally!) have your own content critiqued by us, please head over to the Webinar Friday page where you can sign up. 

This webinar comes in at around 51 minutes, with lots of advice you can start implementing today! To help you navigate to specific parts that interest you, here’s a content list with the minute marker for each:

00:00: Introduction
02:30: About Us/Me Page (Key Piece 1)
09:28: Destination Page (Key Piece 2)
14:20: Shareable Assets (Key Piece 3)
17:00: Home Page Content (Key Piece 4)
22:06: Proof (Key Piece 5)
28:08: Live Critique: Anna Maria Island Home Rental (Home/About/Destination)
34:56: Live Critique: Beside The Sea (About Us)
38:11: Live Critique: Casal Dei Fichi (Shareable Assets)
41:47: Live Critique: Perdido Dream (Home/About/Destination)

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  • What a great webinar and experience! If you own a Vacation Rental get in on this for a LIVE CRITIQUE of your website and help with content, information and tips! Visit GUESTHOOK.com each Friday.