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5 Spring Cleaning Strategies for Your Vacation Rental Copy

2017-03-24T18:23:47+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips, Uncategorized|

Break out the mops and brooms—but don’t forget your laptop. Spring is also the perfect time to re-evaluate (and reinvigorate) your marketing efforts before peak season hits. So once you’ve scrubbed your floors, flipped your mattresses and steam-cleaned the drapes, set aside some time for giving your listing description and website content some TLC, too. Here’s how. First decide if you need a deep cleaning. The old saying holds true—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If your website and listing are easy to skim and enjoyable to read, and you’re happy with the state of your booking calendar, [...]

How a $29/Night Airbnb in a Rough Neighborhood Became a Five-Star Sensation—And What You Can Learn From It

2017-03-25T12:08:47+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips|

Natalie Vowell’s vacation rental in a rough St. Louis neighborhood has a grease-stained kitchen with a busted freezer and a buggy, overgrown yard. It also has a five-star rating on Airbnb. Home is Where the Hood Is, Natalie and her husband’s one-bedroom condo, went viral this month for its brutally honest listing description. At a dirt-cheap rate of $29 per night, we’re sure pricing has at least something to do with its success. But a quick look at the comments shows that guests aren’t just satisfied with their stays—they rave about them. (Their other property, Punk Rock Flop House, is similar in spirit [...]

It’s a Team Effort: Looking at the Relationship Between Web Copy and Typefaces

2017-03-09T16:13:39+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips, Friends of Guest Hook|

At the risk of stating the obvious—there’s a lot that goes into creating a website for your vacation rental. But the best websites aren’t always the ones that are loaded with bells and whistles. They’re the ones where every element is harmonized. It’s easy to think about your web content with the copy-and-paste mindset: just get something written, and get it live. But if you truly want to win over guests, you’ll need to put more care into it then that. First, you need to craft well-written content that has something to offer for all relevant visitors to your [...]

How Our Weekend in the Finger Lakes Reminded Us About the Power of Copywriting

2017-01-26T18:24:41+00:00 By |Uncategorized|

At Guest Hook, we write about vacation rentals around the world – many times without ever setting foot inside them. But when our client KC of Classic Country Vacation Homes in Ithaca invited us to stay at one of her places, we started packing our bags. With Jessica located in Pittsburgh and Amanda at the Jersey Shore, it was the perfect weekend getaway for both of us. We chose Shangri-Lodge, a beautiful home that pairs mid-century modern design with mountain lodge warmth and is tucked on 14 acres of land in Ithaca. We both arrived late Friday night, unsure [...]

Small Attention Spans & Big Personality: Vacation Rental Marketing in 2017

2017-01-11T02:07:23+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips|

How do you master efficiency, local expertise and guest relations? If you can answer that question, we’re willing to wager that your vacation rental or company will be successful this year. One thing Guest Hook loves about this industry is that it’s always changing and adapting. In our look ahead to 2017, we’re making predictions on what we can look forward to and providing tips on how you can keep up with your vacation rental marketing efforts. Read on for our full forecast. When booking, guests want to access information more easily and quickly than ever. You’ve heard it [...]

The One Skill Required to Build Your Audience

2016-12-17T09:38:30+00:00 By |Learning Hub|

Once you’ve laid the foundations and set your plan into action, then comes the hardest part: waiting for people to respond to what you’ve put out there. The biggest skill you’ll need to build your audience is patience. Here’s how we recommend staying strong early on in your content marketing game. Be prepared to wait. And wait. And wait some more. The hard truth is, creating an audience for your content takes time. John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co, estimates it takes at least six months for even the most energized content marketing plans to see results. At this [...]

What Airbnb’s New Look Means for Your Vacation Rental Copy

2016-12-17T09:38:30+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips, Uncategorized|

From announcing new policies to launching Trips, a new product that will let travelers book experiences with locals, there have been a lot of changes happening at Airbnb. Amidst these developments, the vacation rental giant is testing and unveiling website design updates. With a new minimalistic look, the Airbnb website is shifting the focus from some elements and magnifying others. As vacation rental copywriters, we're exploring what these changes mean for listing descriptions. Check out our takeaways, plus ways your copy may be impacted by the proposed changes.   Removal of the host photo gives your listing title more space. Known for its human approach, [...]

The Goldilocks Challenge for Vacation Rental Listing Descriptions

2016-12-17T09:38:30+00:00 By |Uncategorized|

Nobody knows or cares more about your vacation rental than you do, and that’s great news for your guests. But having a deep connection to your property can make it tough for you to know what to include in - and what to leave out of - your vacation rental listing description. That’s why we’re encouraging vacation rental managers and owners to take the Goldilocks Challenge. Follow these four simple steps to figure out what length for your listing is not too long, not too short, but just right. Here’s how it works. Step One Write a draft of your vacation listing description without [...]

Tips for Writing Vacation Rental Content for Every Reader

2016-12-17T09:38:30+00:00 By |Copywriting Tips, Uncategorized|

You’ve done your due diligence and created a solid vacation rental content strategy. You’ve spent long nights on your laptop, waiting for inspiration to strike. You’ve tweeted, pinned, shared and shouted your content from a mountaintop. And your potential guests still aren’t reading. It’s not uncommon. According to Moz’s Dan Petrovic, only 16% of readers will actually, well, read an entire piece of content given to them. But all hope’s not lost. Through painstaking research and experimentation, Petrovic has figured out why our readers stop reading, and how we can get our information in front of them anyway. We’ve taken [...]